To Give For Love

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A love poem for a special woman.

Submitted: June 11, 2008

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Submitted: June 11, 2008



The morning rays
shines through the bedroom window
and onto my face.
I woke within the silence of the room,
not believing what we experienced
and shared last night.
Now I don't want to sound
like I never did that before.
Or one of those guys
who falls in love,
with the first woman
I share my bed with.
Because,.....I'm not

But what we shared
was more than a momentary thing,
more than just a wham-bam thank you mam affair.
For if you remember,
before we shared our bodies, our bed,
we shared our mind and heart.
Talking for hours upon hours,
like some verbal, intellectual fore play.
Our words making love to one another
in our minds,
feeding such hunger to know one another.
Even the most unimportant,
faded memory you have,
was vital to my mind.
Just wanting to dive into
the seas of your subconscious,
drowning within
the information of your being.
And to be an open book to you,
hiding nothing before your eyes.

I know I might be bold,
saying what I feel
without thinking of what I say.
If this scares you, I'm sorry.
But the truth is,
no other woman has ever touched me like you do.
For when you smile at me,
it's like I'm looking at an angel.
Something so wondrous and perfect,
wanting to speak but I'm so tongue tied.
Intimidated by
your beauty, your intelligence.
Yet I still long
to know everything about you,
even though I might
make myself act as a fool.

Now as I lay here next to you,
watching you sleep
like such an innocent child.
So many thoughts bombards me,
while I wonder if
this is all just a dream.
So I got out of bed
and wrote these words for you,
that way you can know how
I truly feel for you.
Placing it by your nightstand,
so it might be
the first thing you see.
My own proclamation
just for you, about you,
and the words which burns the page I write.
If your read this,
tell me what you think.
Or better yet,
show me how it touched you,
the way I hope it will.
All I ask,
is for you to respond.

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