Together In The Shower

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Within the warm water and steam we come together and share a passionate love that is meant to be forever.

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012




Walking through the steam I find you

Seeing the water from the shower

Cascading over the beauty of your nakedness

As I am enchanted once again

By the voluptuousness of your skin

Aroused by the innocent motions of your hands over your body

As I remove my clothes to join you.

Your back still facing me as I enter the shower

Even though I know you know I am there

You do not turn to me just yet

To see what I will do and play a game of seduction with me

The warmth of the water feels so wonderful

As my fingers lightly trace the smooth skin of your back

Seeing your body shiver slightly

Then you turn to me, the droplets of water run down your breasts

As you smile at me so lovingly……so seductive

Coming into my arms……our wet bodies pressed against each other

As lips meet in a soft and passionate kiss

The feel of your breasts crushed against my chest

While we feed the hunger of our passionate desire

Letting our hearts affections be embraced

As we live out a fantasy of such passion

In the running water and steam

Each motion slow and tender

As we long to embrace all the pleasures

our bodies, our souls and hearts can bring forth to us.

While the steam of the shower fades the world outside away

Leaving us floating upon the clouds of heaven

While we share a love so true and strong

In the sight of angels……our true love expressed and shared

The bond of love strengthened

As we are baptized within the spray of the warm water of the shower.



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