Tonight We Will Take It Slow

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Tonight we will take it slow and share the passion of our love in the candlelight...embracing such it should be.

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012




Lets take it slow baby...

we have all night to share our love

cuddling so passionately....

holding each other so close

hads moving over each others body

through the clothes we wear....

touches so gentle and affectionate....

as we let our passion build

with each kiss....each touch.


Let us shed away these clothes so slowly

letting the seduction fill us with such desire

revealing the innocence of our nakedness....

the sight of your sultry curves from the illumination of the candle light's glow

making your image appear so angelic to me

the smooth skin of your breasts under my caressing lips...

your hips...your legs....all of you....

astounding and arousing my senses so much

beyond that which I could ever feel

filling me....thrilling me with such desire

just the feel of the warmth of your body against mine

awakening my heart to such passion that I longed to embrace

the feel of your skin against mine

awakening my heart to the tenderness of your passion

as we succumb to the tender affections of our hearts

and feed the hunger of our pleasure

your body opens like a flower to me

that sacred rose of your womanhood blooming within your garden

nurtured by my affections like the spring sunlight upon a flower....

as we give to each other

all the essence of our soul...freely...willingly...

in trust and the intensity of our love.


And then our bodies join as one

limbs entwined as well as our hearts

friction between us melting the skin

such perfect unity shared between us

the flames of our desire growing so great

melting away the world around well as the very walls of this room....

as we indulge in the paradise of our love

making our fantasies come true

where we make love by the sandy shore of the ocean

under an innocent moon

knowing that this moment we share will last beyond tonight....

for it is a bond,,,,a vow of our eternal love....

forever to be shared and cherished.

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