Tragedy on Mount Lemmon

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A story taken from an Urban Legend

Submitted: April 27, 2008

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Submitted: April 27, 2008



I don’t care if I can breath tonight, so long as you hold me close to you.” That was the one thing that ran through his mind, every time that he thought about her. He had been going out with Sasha for a couple months now and the feelings that they had for each other had grown more and more intense with each day. Scott had never felt anything this strong before with any other woman before. How he wanted to share everything that his heart burned for her within his heart. To share the passion that he had for her, something that words could never begin to explain. Where their bodies would join as one, within the moment of such bliss that was meant for only them. But every time that he tried, she would reject his advances, saying that she was not ready for a commitment like that. And because of the strength of what he felt for her, he would respect her wishes. Still, he knew that he had to try and show her that which he felt for her. Then one day he had a thought, which overwhelmed him and instantly got on the phone to talk to her. He told her about a spot that he had found on MountLemmon, how the view would take her breath away. Just from the tone in her voice, he could tell that she was not too sure about it. But he knew that once she saw it, the wondrous sight of the city would entrance her down below.  After a few minutes she had finally agreed to go with him, as the sound of curiosity was heard in her voice. They made plans that he would pick her up that night and take her there, to show her how wonderful the sight was. He knew about the spot, for he had gone there alone when he needed to think things out. Or when he just wanted to be alone, so he could relax. This was someplace that he held as special to him and wanted to share it with her. The one place he had always talked to her about, but never showed her.

That night he picked her up around seven, astounded by her beauty. Of course, he always found himself feeling that way when he was with her. Making him feel so lucky that he had found a woman like her to share his life with. Her short blond hair, eyes as blue as the heavens, and a smile so warm that would melt the coldest heart. She had been a foreign exchange student who came from Russia and he had met her in one of the classes he was taking in college. From the moment he met her, he knew that she was someone that he had to get to know. And now here they were, months later, in a relationship that he never had so serious and intense that he never that he would be in. He was pre-med with plans on becoming a doctor, which was the one thing that his parents wanted, while she was pre-law, hoping to become a lawyer. He often joked about that. Saying that later on after they became what they planned, he would have her to defend him if a patient ever tried to sue him for malpractice. And she would always laugh saying how silly he was. It didn’t matter if she thought that he was silly, for he loved to hear her laugh.

“So, you are finally taking me to this secret spot that you go to when you want to be alone. Tell me the truth, how many women have you brought up there, Scott?” she said in a joking tone.

‘No one, only you. Most of the time when I am there, I find myself thinking about you. How I wish that you were there with me so I could hold you close as we look down at the city.” Scott replied honestly.

She sat there in the car next to him, smiling so loving, as they drove up the winding road of the mountain. He looked at her from the corner of his eye, seeing the way she was staring at him, knowing that he was telling the truth. Sasha moved closer to him, her head resting on his shoulder, as the sweet aroma of her perfume enticed him so much. How he wished that he could just pull the car over to the side and kiss her so passionately.  For he wouldn’t dare to try and kiss her while he was driving, for with his luck he would probably end up driving off the road. No, he would wait till they got there, then would kiss her and hold her in his arms. It was only a couple minutes more of driving till they were there. Scott knew that he could wait till then, or at least he thought that he could. He could feel her hand on his leg, her fingers lightly scratching him through the fabric of his jeans. Bringing about such a temptation, which she obviously didn’t know she was bringing to him. The only thing that he could do was to keep concentrating on the road, hoping that they would get there soon. On the radio the announcer broadcasted how a thunderstorm was expected to come to the town later that night. When Sasha mentioned about it, Scott told her how they would most likely be back on campus when the storm would hit. So they would have nothing to worry about. She knew that she could trust him, for he was always the one that took precautions whenever they went out. Just to make sure that nothing happened to her.

When they arrived at the top of the mountain, they got out of the car and Scott kissed her instantly. He was grateful that they had made it there, for he felt he couldn’t hold himself back. She kissed him in return, feeling the same passion that he was for her. They walked to an open knoll where they could see the lights of the lights of the city. A soft gentle breeze blew passed them as he held her in his arms, while she gazed down at the sparkling light of the city below then. They looked like sparkling diamonds within a sea of black sat cloth. She turned to him, pushing her body even closer to his. Her lips hovered centimeter from his, feeling her hot breath on the flesh of his face. Her eyes sparkled with a new found excitement as they stood there for a moment.

“Scott, I want you. I want to make love to you right here, under the stars and moon. This is so romantic and I don’t want it to end.” she whispered.

He just stood there as she kissed him passionately. For so long he had patiently waited for this moment to come, when she was say those words that would make his heart pound wildly. There was no way that he was going to refuse her, for he wanted her as much as she wanted him at that moment. His hands ran up and down her back as he pulled her close to him. Feeling her breasts crushed against his chest as they slowly went through the motions of the act of their love. Their hands slowly undressed each other, making a bed out of their clothes and then laid on it and passionately began to make love. Their hands moving over each other’s naked flesh each touch intensifying the passion that they were now embracing. Like some sort of flame that burned within them, growing into a mighty inferno that they could no longer hold back. Their bodies joining as one in such bliss, as they are locked within the wondrous pleasure of the moment. There was a low rumbling of thunder filled the air as heavy storm clouds started rolling over head. Hearing it excited their love making even more. At the first few flashes of lightning, then never looked up to see the charred remains of once great trees.

Little did they know that their idyllic clearing was a hotbed of electrical activity during the warm desert nights? It was then that there was a sudden blinding light; s Scott suddenly felt a surging pain and a burning heat surging through his body. His mind suddenly became filled with a sudden rush of what felt like an electrical surge. He had no idea what was happening to him, as the sudden odor of burning flesh surrounded them. Somehow he found himself able to survive the excruciating pain that was surging through him. His eyes remained closed for a moment, waiting for it to subside, as the sweat rolled down his face. Once it did, he opened his eyes and looked down at Sasha. He tried to pulled himself out of her, but the lightning bolt that went through them, if that was what had happened, had fused together their flesh and the latex that he was wearing, so they were now stuck together like a pair of dogs. Sasha lay there, her eyes closed, head turned to the side. For a moment, Scott thought that she had just fainted from what they had just experienced. But when his hand touched the side of her neck, he couldn’t feel her pulse. Somehow she had died, and now he was joined to her dead body, unable to break free. He had thought that she was passed out, wished that was the case, he slowly pushed her head forward and looked into the vacant eyes of his girlfriend and felt the sudden rush of terror flowing through his veins. In his immediate repulsion caused him to jerk away from her, which of course, he couldn’t. A wave of pain and nausea made him vomit into her face and opened mouth. Heaving only caused more pain and repeated his vomiting until he finally passed out.

When he came too, he found himself lying on his side, the dead body of his love on her side, facing him. It was then he heard the sound of an animal roaming through the bushes near him. Scott could only lie still, hoping that whatever it was, would turn and go the other way, leaving them alone. He had heard the stories of how people had seen bears roaming around this area, but never believed it. Now he was hoping that those stories were nothing more than that. That it would be nothing more than his own imagination caused by his fear, that made him believe that he was hearing this. Through the shadows he could see something moving towards them, his eyes staying on the large shadowy image that was drawing closer to him. If this was a bear, then there would be no way that he could get away from it. Nothing more than a helpless victim, to whatever horrid thing this beast would do to him. As the moonlight shined upon it, he was able to see the glare of its eyes and its blood stained teeth from its last kill, as it roared at him. The only thing that he could do was to lie still, praying that it would not find them interesting. It came to them and to his horror, the bear began to lick and then starting to eat Sasha. He could hear it loudly crunching her facial bones only inches from his ear. He closed his eyes, refusing to see this beast feeding upon his beloved Sasha. But just hearing it was bad enough for him to endure. The bear also tasted him, scraping the back of his skull with its teeth, before moving on. And because of it, he found himself becoming light headed, and then he passed out again.

Around mid-morning a group of junior girl scouts, up for a fun weekend camp out, arrived at the campsite where Scott’s car was parked. It was only a matter of minutes when they stopped suddenly before three of them screamed in terror. For a couple feet from them was Scott’s passed out body still connected to Sasha’s dead partially eaten body. Somehow Scott had found the strength to drag their bodies across the ground to the car. Passing out and regaining consciousness, as he was forced to stare at the face of his love’s partially eaten body about twenty feet before he had passed out from exhaustion.

The next thing that he knew, he had found himself lying in a hospital bed, the doctors had successfully separated him from Sasha’s dead body. But his member looked like nothing more than a small piece of cauliflower in its flaccid state. He found out that if he were to even have any hint of arousal, he would feel so much pain, unable and unwilling to achieve any type of erection. Even though he doctors told him that with future surgeries may be able to make him have a somewhat functioning member, the damage that he had sustained would be irreparable. How he wished that he never had taken her up there. How he would have waited till some other time for them then to share such passion. But it was too late for him to worry of such things and from now on he had a constant reminder of the terror that he had went through. And the loss of the woman that he had loved so much. The loss of his beloved Sasha.




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