Undeniable Truth

Poem by: Michael68


Something I wrote for my love....my Juliet. <3


Submitted: January 26, 2009

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Submitted: January 26, 2009



How can I not tell you all that is felt right now,
when you look at me with those eyes that sparkle with such devotion.
Never to deny what our hearts could allow,
without my own feelings trying not to create a commotion.

From the moment I met you my life had truly begun,
words and emotions flowed through my heart like never before.
All that I believed my life was suddenly became undone,
and the worries and fears that I held onto didn't matter anymore.

You did something to me, so bewitching that enveloped me so,
that now I find myself lost without you, craving to see you each day.
Such affections in my heart you really do bestow,
knowing that there is such deeper feeling with in than words can convey.

We walk down Michigan Avenue hand in hand,
as I feel these emotions for you growing stronger each beat of my heart.
Not knowing where we are going for we have nothing really planned,
I really don't care just as long as we are not apart.

I know you can see through me and know these feelings I have inside,
even though I write them down with words, it never seems to be enough.
You see when I am with you there is nothing I have to hide,
or act like some stereo-type; so macho and tough.

I find myself loving the way I can make you smile with just a word,
or letting you feel that which burns inside me; without any fear.
For you would never think that what I say or write is absurd,
knowing to well the meaning behind it is so clear.

I love the way you believe in me so much,
always encouraging me to reach for the dreams I long for.
Feeling your gentle touch,
such confidence in me does it restore.

So many more things about you that I could go on for years,
but I only have this moment to speak to that which I long to tell you.
Trying to get the words out before they are blocked from my fears,
even though what I am going to say you already knew.

The undeniable truth which started from the first hello,
that I now stand here and so long to you I decree.
That with all my heart I love you so,
and with all that I am I ask of you....will you marry me.

© Copyright 2017 Michael68. All rights reserved.

Undeniable Truth Undeniable Truth

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Something I wrote for my love....my Juliet. <3
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