Vow Of The Heart

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Come to me my love and together we shall share the vow our hearts makes to each other for all eternity.

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012




Oh such sweet pleasantries of love does awaken my heart

When just your name is spoken to me

Filling me with such ravenous bliss…my soul has never felt before

Before me you stand……eyes like that of stars in the night

Guiding me to your heart……you speak even though you do not say a word

I long for you my Lady…my Love…to be your beacon when you seek strength

And guide you into these arms that yearn to hold you through out the night

To all let be known how strong our love truly is……

For I would endure that which this earth could bring to me…

Letting no distance be a barrier between us…for love can not be contained…

It can only be cherished…adored and embraced with all the heart and soul

Giving onto each other every ounce of our essence without fear or hesitation

Speak to me with your eyes…and let them guide me to your heart

Where the paradise of our love does wait for me

As we become absorbed within this moment…this beginning…to a new life…

Traveling down the path to a love so true…were our affections can be set free

Becoming one soul…completing each other so perfectly…

As we take the vow of eternal love…before the eyes of God and the angels…

That together is where we shall always stay…

Making everyone see that forever is more than just a word said…

But a promise of the heart kept and honored always.

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