Want To Wake Next To You

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Just to wake next to you my love....oh such ecstasy that is.

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012





Let me awake from the pleasant dreams of paradise

where passion run so free and love rides upon the crest of the air

to awaken to the rays of the morning light

shining through the bedroom window

piercing through the light shadows

and the mourning doves singing out in the trees outside

to see you lying next to me

the way you look so innocent and beautiful as you slumber

your amber hair....angelic face....

lying there watching you sleep...enchanted by all that you are

oh how I long to kiss those delicate lips...taste the sweetness of your kiss

to awaken you with my gentle embrace...

my fingers gently touch the side of your face

as the sound of your gentle breathing...your eyes flutter...then open...

you staring at me....so lovingly...smiling.....

as our bodies moves closer together...you whisper good morning to me....

my lips hover centimeters over yours....whispering my heart's devotion

as the hunger for your lips grows within me

oh yes my love.....release the passion within each other...

making the dreams we dream come true....

that our hearts do hold....then our lips do meet....

that taste of your kiss so enticing...intoxicating my soul...

sharing such a moment of sweet affections....

what a wonderful way to say good morning ….

now all I need is you next to me my love...to make this dream come true

and forever wake to your beauty every morning.

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