What We Share Upon This Night

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Something for the woman that I love.

Submitted: November 15, 2009

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Submitted: November 15, 2009



Let these arms hold you so close and tight,

as I gaze into your beautiful eyes of green.

As we let all our problems melt away for tonight,

sharing a moment alone so quiet and serene.

Softly I whisper words of my heart within your ear,

and our lips meet in a moment of a passionate kiss.

Not afraid to speak the truth of our love for no one can hear,

letting us have such a special moment like this.

The world outside melts away and now there is only you and I.

together within a paradise made for just us two.

What we feel for each other we can not deny,

knowing that these emotions between us are so true.

Tonight my love we shall a moment of tender affection.

a night of such passionate and romantic perfection.

Soft kisses our lips do share,

lying together as we cuddle in the silence of this room.

Showing each other how much we care,

letting the love we share now take full bloom.

I want to show you the paradise within my heart,

wanting to let you know all that my heart does feel for you.

Longing for us to never be apart,

always willing to help you with all you have to go through.

Whether it be a moment of passion,

or holding each other and speaking words of love.

I shall always show you such tender compassion,

and that the affection that we share has been blessed from above.

For my darling my love for you means so much too me,

and I shall always be here for you forever...I guarantee.

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