When You Think Of Me

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Something I wrote for the woman I love. It just came to me one night.

Submitted: August 25, 2009

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Submitted: August 25, 2009



When you think of me....
do you think of the way we kiss
the tender touch of our lips
against each other
so soft and gentle
that it arouses  your heart so much.
Bringing about such feelings
that you have never felt before,
and longing for it to never end.

When you think of me....
do you remember how it feels
when I am holding you in my arm?
The feel of my body against yours,
the warmth between us
and the feeling of my hands on your back,
moving up and down it
intensifying the passion, the love we share.
Holding each other so close, so tight,
as the world around us melts away,
and you wake up hugging your pillow
wishing it was me.

When you think of me....
do your remember the passion we share
those nights of passionate words whispered
and burning beds.
Feeling my lips, my fingers,
moving over your naked flesh
such affections now being shared
that have so long
been locked away within the soul.
And our bodies joined as one,
limbs entwined,
friction growing so great
as it melts the flesh as one.
Each thrust driving us even deeper
into the wondrous ecstasy of the moment.
You riding me savagely,
till finally we explode in sweet bliss.
But when you awaken,
its just your fingers
manipulating your sex,
wishing it was my touch,
my caress,
that was pleasing you
showing you such pleasures.

When you think of me....
do you remember how I love you
sharing all the passion and tenderness
that my heart has to give you.
The loving look in my eyes I give you,
the words I speak of undying devotion
and all that I share with you.

When you think of me
do you think and feel all of this and more?
Because I do all the time
when I am thinking of you.

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