Whispering Voices

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He did not believe in what she was telling him. About the dark secret that she kept. Now he would discover the truth and his payment for it would be his life.

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012





Lisbeth Owens stood in the silence of the room, staring out the window at the darkness, while her boyfriend, Preston Bruder sat on the couch holding a half bottle of Vodka in his right hand. He did not say a word to her, for he knew that there was something that was seriously bothering her. Something which she was not willing to talk about, which was the way she always acted when she was in an emotional state like this. So Preston figured that he would just start drinking, since this was suppose to be their time to have fun. He wanted to say something to her, yet nothing came to his mind that he thought would really be supportive. In a way he was getting frustrated by her actions, considering that she worked three jobs at out of a month and a half, this was the only time that he had the chance to be with her. And now it seemed that she was ignoring him completely.


What is bothering you? And don't tell me that it is nothing, because I know when you are troubled by something.” he said in a drunken tone.


I just don't want to talk about it right now. And anyway, you would not believe me if I told you.” she said without even turning around.


Look, whatever it is, I am sure that it is not as bad as you think. I mean, you should not let this bother you so much.” he said starting to get angry.


Lisbeth just stood there knowing that in a way he was right, but also that he was only saying that because he was expecting something else to happen tonight between them. Something which she knew that she could not go through right now. For there was something deep in her soul that she knew she could not reveal to him, a secret within this house that burdened her for the longest time. As she stood there, she could feel his stare on her, which started to make her feel uncomfortable for some reason. It was almost as if it was some lustful stranger that was staring at her, rather than Preston who she had been with for six months now. The man who she had vowed that she loved and wanted to be with more than any other man. But there was still something which he did not know, which she was afraid to reveal to him. The more that she remained silent about it, the more she found herself feeling the anxiety building within her mind. Her hand brushed away a few strands of her long amber hair, as her body shivered briefly for no reason. It was then she the sound of a soft whisper coming from somewhere near her. She could not make out what it said, but knew that it was there.


Did you hear that?” she asked as she instantly turned and looked at Preston.


Hear what? The only thing that I could hear is you speaking. Are you sure you are alright?” he said in a worried tone.


I don't know. I could swear that I could hear the sound of a voice whispering to me.” she said as she looked around the living room.


Preston looked at her with a odd expression on his face, as if he wanted to laugh at her and yet be scared of her as well. Yet, he did not say anything as he took another drink from the bottle. He started to wonder what was the reason that Lisbeth brought him here in the first place. He remembered how on the phone she had been hinting around about wanting to have some fun tonight. And now she was acting like this. She had become distant with him and he no idea why that could be. But was determined to find out, to make her tell him if it came down to it. Slowly he stood up and staggered over to her. She looked at him as he moved closer to her, showing an almost frightened expression on her face. But he knew that there was no reason for her to be afraid of him, since he had never done anything to hurt her.


What are you doing?” she said instantly.


I just am coming up to you. I want to be close to you.” he said, trying to sound compassionate.


I don't want to cuddle with you, I not in the mood.” she said instantly as she turned away from him.


Then why am I here. I don't see you in about a month and a half because you are working all the time. And when I do you act all freaked out like something is bothering you but you don't say anything about it.” he complained.


Lisbeth just stood there as her arms crossed over her breasts, trying to make her body stop from shivering, So that way he would not see it and have it add to the questions which he would have for her. The only reason that she invited him over was because she did not want to be alone right now. Alone with the shadows of the house and the whispering voices that seemed to follow her from room to room. But she knew that there was something more to this house than just the voices, even though she could not prove it, that was if she knew what it could really be. The only thing that she was sure about was that she was not alone in the house. She could feel his hand gently touch her back, making her body stiffen slightly for a brief instance as she gasped suddenly. Lisbeth did not say anything to him for a second or turn around. For she knew that she had to try and compose herself again. Right before she turned to him, she could hear the sound of the whispering voices again.


Don't fall for his lies. You know what he really wants from you. Don't give in....he is like all the rest. We are the only ones who truly love you. All that you need.” the voices echoed around her.


Tell me that you heard that this time. Please tell me that you heard it this time.” she said turning around to face him instantly.


Lisbeth, the only thing here is you and me....nothing else. I think that you are are just having an anxiety attack, which is making you believe that there are voices.” he said in his drunken tone.


She just looked at him with a discouraged expression on her face, knowing that there was no way that he would ever believe her. But in a way she would not have believed it herself if she had not been facing it herself. The only thing that she was aware of was that there was something in this house and it wanted her. Almost as if it was waiting for her for some reason, but what? That was the one thing that she could not comprehend. If there was anything to really comprehend about it at all. Still she knew that she had to find a way to make Preston understand what was going on. To make him see that what she was dealing with was real and not some delusion from her mind.


It is not like that at all. The voices are real, why can't you believe me?” she said in a panicked tone.


Because you are not making any sense. There is nothing here but you and me. This is nothing more than a house which you are renting. What is happening to you? Do you even hear the way that you are talking? You sound so.....” he started to say.


So what? What is it that you are going to call me? Crazy? You think I am crazy?” she said as the anger sparked inside of her.


Yes....Crazy. Ever since you moved in here you have been acting this way. And I have no idea what to do about it. I wish that you were back the way that you had been before.” he said as he moved closer to her.


Lisbeth's eyes burned with such fury, for the one thing that she hated the most was for someone to call her crazy. Especially when she knew that she wasn't. What she had told him was the truth and she refused to let him call her that. Her hand touched his chest as she pushed him away, giving him a disgusted look. The only thing she wanted was to prove him wrong, just to find some way to make him see that she was telling the truth.


Don't come close to me, I know you only came here for one thing. And you are not going to get it from me. Not after the way you made me mad.” she said.


Don't let him near you. You know the truth now, he only is after one thing from you. Let us protect you. We love you and will not let you get hurt.” the voices whispered around her.


I am sorry that I got you mad. I am drunk and don't really know how to handle this. Come on, let me hold you. You know that I care about you so much.” he said as he tried to move to her.


No...stay away. I don't want you to touch me. Please, don't come any closer. I don't want them to hurt you.” she said as a tear ran down her cheek.


Don't want who to hurt me? What are you talking about?” he said as he took a step closer to her.


Preston....I mean it. Don't come near me. They know what you really want and they are going to hurt you if you don't stop right now.” she said crying.


Preston did not listen, for he knew that she was just making this all up. That it was nothing more than the anxiety of her working the three jobs she had to survive which was causing it. He had to prove to her that there was nothing for her to worry about. And that these voices were nothing more than just figments of her imagination. That was if he would be if she was willing to believe it.


Lisbeth, you have to trust me. You are just having an anxiety attack, that is why you think that you are hearing voices right now.” he said.


He tried to sound believable to her, but the alcohol was already starting to take its effect on him. His mind was swimming within the sea of his own multitude of thoughts. Unsure if he was making any sense at all to her or even to himself. Even though he wanted to help her, he could not help but feel the lustful desires in his soul for her. For she was an attractive woman, one that any man could possibly desire and he was the one who she would save herself for and no one else. But the way that he looked at her, Lisbeth could tell what he was thinking. And because of it, her rage burned even greater. She wanted to tell him the truth, tell him the one thing that burned deep within her soul, which she never revealed to anyone. And she no longer cared whether he would believe her or not. The only thing that he cared about was to let him know the truth, about herself and this house.


Do you love me? I mean, do you truly love me?” she asked in a stern voice.


Of course I do.” he replied.


Then you must believe me in what I am about to tell you.” she said and then hesitated for a moment. “There is something about me that I have not revealed to you. A secret that I have been keeping which I must let you know. If you believe me or not does not matter any more.”


What is it? You can tell me anything?” he said as he stood there unsure of what she was going to tell him.


There is a connection between me and this house. Some sort of link that I can not break. In some way I have opened a portal to the other side and now whatever was there is making sure that I don't leave here, and that nothing hurts me. For they know that if I am hurt, then I would leave here forever.” she said seriously.


Lisbeth, you are not making any sense.” he replied.


Don't you see, I am like some sort of connection between my world and theirs. And they are not going to let me leave that easily. That is why you have to keep your distance from me.” she said.


Preston just looked at her, knowing now that she had definitely lost her mind. That there was no way that what she could be saying was true. Even though he only heard her talk about it for a short time, he was already tired of it. He had to bring her back to reality, had to bring back the Lisbeth which he knew and loved.


You might think that but it is not the truth. You are not some all and mighty gatekeeper to another world.” he said in an angered tone.


You're right, I am more than that.” she said coldly.


Alright, if you are prove it. Show me.”


Yes...let us show him. Let us prove to him once and for all.” the voices whispered.


Before she could even answer him, the shadows of the room started to become darker, stretching out through the distance of the room. Till finally they were only a foot away from them. Lisbeth looked around at it, but yet did not even react to it. Her eyes returned to Preston who stood there waiting for her to respond. But it was the darkness that responded for her. Stretching out across the floor like some dark, deformed arm. Grabbing his leg and starting to forcefully pull at him. Knocking him down face forward to the floor and then dragging him across the room. He screamed in terror for her to help him, but she just stood there motionless. Her eyes staring at him as he was absorbed into the darkness. The sound of the beast echoed through the silent room, as Preston's screams were suddenly silences as blood ran down the floorboards toward her. Lisbeth did not shed a tear, or even try to run away. For she knew that it was too late for her. And she knew that in a few days she would search out another man who she would win their heart and trust. Hoping that they would not have to discover her secret. As she shadows started to retreat, Lisbeth started to fade away into the silence of the room. Till she was nothing more than a faint silhouette and then vanished as her soft crying was heard and she joined within the whispering voices that taunted her. 

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