Who Is She To Judge?

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How can someone judge and think that they are so much better when they have sins and faults of their own.

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



She rants and raves

of all that she sees is so wrong,

never stopping to try and understand

or except that I am my own person.

And when someone tries to tell her she is wrong

she does not listen

because in her mind she is always right.

The walls in her mind are up

and five miles thick,

and the delusional thoughts consumes her

not wanting to except that she could be wrong.

The whole time hiding her own sins

away from the eyes of family,

of how she obsesses with the game of chance

to the point where

even the money her sister and daughter lend her

ends up being used at the casino.

And the threat of losing the home

that made a family will be taken away

because of her own addiction.

Yet, she attacks others

just to hide her own sins and faults

so no one would be the wiser

and only she

will be consumed by the nightmare

that she has created because of herself.

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