The Witch

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Submitted: January 12, 2017



Lana, Stop, please! I know that deep in your heart there is kindness, with the last breath said, Johann.

 - Kindness? There is no kindness, human. There are only evil and now I will show you how powerful it can be. 
Lana reached out her hand and in one motion turned Johann into a stone statue. Then calmly looked at her work. In the garden each of the statues had its story, failed human destiny from the hands of the one who was hated by everyone in the kingdom. Lana was not an ordinary witch. She was a princess that nobody tried to save. Like a child, she dreamed of changing the world, unfortunately, the world changed her. It was 14 years old when first realized that goodness is for those who are not strong enough to ask for more. 
The King decided it was time his little girl to show her royal lineage and therefore organized a masked ball. Lana excited that day more than expected. She would meet all her citizens and they take it for their future queen. Dress her best dress, put the most beautiful blue shoes and when it appears, the room brightened by her beauty. King proudly welcomes him the only child. The musicians began to play their favorite tunes. Lana glowed and felt proud to be part of this spectacular event, dancing, laughing and know that life can not be much better. King gestured and music subsided. He rose from his throne and spoke to the assembled majority: -
- My citizens, today is a holiday. Your princess is readied to be launched as your future queen. All are here to celebrate with me, her growing up and turning in my worthy successor. 
At this point the end of the hall shout. An elderly woman dressed in dirty clothes and all covered in soot his way through the assembled majority. Bow to the King turned her eyes on the princess and staring at her and spoke in a hoarse tired voice:
 -King nice celebration. Congratulations. May I ask just why in the holiday you just invite your rich citizens, do us poor no place on your table? Do we not deserve to see the future queen and tell her how we actually live? 
-Guard - Take her- Shouted the King, flushed with anger that some dirty old woman had slipped on his glittering ball. Guard grabbed the helpless woman and dragged to the exit. A minute before the doors closed. Lana shouted as follows : 
-Stop. Wait. I want to talk to this woman. As queen, I need to talk to all my citizens. Dad did not chase, let approached me.
 Lana was the weakness of the King. He could not  refuse anything. He gestured and the guards dragged back to the old woman.
 -Queen, I am impressed by your courage-old woman spoke. I did not expect you to want to talk to a poor woman like me. I will give you a present- a box. There are two keys. One key is of the door of truth and the other is from the door lie. The door of truth is beyond your Kingdom. You just have to stand by the glittering throne and unlock the front door of this room to insights truth. The door of lies is in your room. The key is from your personal quarters. Choosing which key you want is up to you. 
After these words, the old woman turned into a magpie and flew out the window. Everyone in the room was frozen. Like the time had stopped. Lana stood up and walked to the front door. She was holding the key to the truth. Unlock and was first out of the kingdom. Walking on the beaten paths and looked around. Front revealed poverty. Outside the palace, she first saw poor children begging on the road, so weak and frail like the last sparks of life were in their bodies. She saw elderly, sick, lame, laboring tirelessly to get a handful of beans. She saw the truth. And not like it. That turned out to return to the palace, the old woman reappeared.
 - Queen, you chose the truth. Can you live with it? - said with a sly smile elderly woman. 
- Why showed me all of this old woman? - Asked Lana.
 - To know what the world actually is -responses the woman and continued: All people whose saw today are very good. They live in poverty, because their souls are cleaned and because distribute food to the poor even more of them. If, you become my student you'll be going to have a lot of power and a lot of money Lana. You can live in luxury and forget about everything you saw on that day. If you choose to return to the palace with the memory of what you saw, you will never forget it, and every day you feel in your soul the pain of the poor in your kingdom. You tell me? Which do you choose? - Lie, laden with wealth and power or truth bearing the pain and despair? Which do you choose? - Goodness or evil that will make you powerful? 
Lana thought. On the one hand, she wanted to choose goodness, knowing she can help other people, but on the other evil, tempting, because of the promise of power and authority, and she as a human tried to material goods, knowing they are the key to change the world. Furthermore, even good people, if they could be rich would choose evil over good if someone promises luxury and power. 
- I pick lie old woman. I will become your student. After these words, Lana found himself again in the palace. She could not remember anything from the experience. The old woman stood on the right side, slapped hands and all, as were frozen are released and danced to the sound of music. Ball over. Lana and old woman went to the room. Once entered the chambers, the old woman began to teach her everything she knew. Showed spells, taught her to love potions and those that cause death. Lana was a diligent student and after months spent in making magic, she became better than their teacher. Gradually heart and forget what it is to love, to forgive and to distribute goodness. Consciousness and was taken only of how to gain more power.
Years passed. Lana learns to be outrageous enough to obey her will to every person who confronts evil in her soul. She was captured five of the neighboring kingdoms. She wanted to conquer the other five. Led incessant wars and wherever she went she sowed death and homelessness.
In the tenth Kingdom, the only  still was not completely conquered, lived a boy named Johan. He was famous among people with courage and kindness. His sword was magical and nobody was able to beat him. Lana had killed the parents of Johan when he was a child. While grew only thing craved his heart was revenge. Armed with glorious sword trained to beat Johan went to the first Kingdom, where he lived Lana. He knew he could not beat her with his sword, had to come up with a plan. Disguised as a wanderer Johann reached the gates of the kingdom, bowed to the guard and mock subspecies said that he came to serve the greatest queen ever lived. Watch reported Lana for the intruder. She was pleased to invite him to her table in the palace and began to question:
- Stranger, what brings you to me?
- To serve you my Queen. Only that I want. To be your trusted servant performing any order.  I was born to serve the greatest woman lived in these lands. Let me be your slave. That's all I want. - Answered Johann.
Lana did not trust anyone, but something in this young man made her tremble and wants to turn it into its obedient servant.
- Well, stranger. I will make you my servant. You will obey me every whim, will kill and obey for me and will always serve me correctly, because if you do not will suffer the same fate of others - said Lana and graceful movement pointed the palace gardens where there were stone statues once people from flesh and blood.

Johann lived in a little house near the palace. Lana every day felt his devotion. She sent him to scout around other kingdoms to detect covert and enemies and bend them to her will.
Johann performed her every whim. Over time, she conceded even close to him. She told him about that, who she was once. She told him about her teacher and the lessons she had learned over the years. Johann has become a part of her and she trusted each little secret. He did not depart for a moment from her mistress. He liked to look and listen. Had begun to fall in love with everything she had, but he was bothered oath, which was given the grave of his parents, he would beat her and destroyed.
Lana was also not indifferent to Johann. She liked to talk to him. She liked and his brown eyes and thick lips. Sometimes, late at night, while everyone in the palace was asleep, she slipped out of her room, went to the house to him and watched him while he sleeps through the window. She looked at him and struggled with those feelings, which it is feel. She could not imagine she could feel such warmth to someone and it frightened her.
Years passed. Lana so much was fond of Johann, she does not think about anyone else. She just wanted to get his attention and she does not think of her only as his ruthless queen. Johann wanted revenge and every day telling himself that she is a witch and secure him a spell to make him love her. He decided it was time to make plans. He was learned that the weakness of Lana he really is and to beat her should make her love him more herself.

One morning, after being prepared for another mission Johann headed to the palace and had a plan to conquer Lana. He came into the chambers and he went to her and bowed.
- Good Morning, my queen. I come to say goodbye to you. I can not stay more in the palace and to serve you.
- Johann, what are you talking about? You are my slave and will remain so alive or dead - hissed with malice in her voice Lana.
- My Queen. I have forbidden feelings. I will not be your slave and want to share your days, to be part of your heart, but I know that this is impossible - said, Johan.
Lana blushed. So many years had longed to it and to heard exactly those words, now happening. Suddenly her voice changed. She became soft, quiet and good-natured and said:
- Johann my love. For many years I longed for you, now that you told me that you feel the same I'm the happiest woman. Stay with me. Be my companion in life. Please.
Johann exulted in his soul. Witch was almost defeated. That left only to make her love him more than her own life.
He lived in the palace with her, sharing bed and meals. She began to have full confidence. She loved him more than her own life.
 One night while eating dinner, Johann pretended to be sad. Lana took his hand and asked:
- What ails you my love? Tell me, I do not like to watch you sad.
- My heart, I feel that you have no confidence completely. For so many years we are together, and you never shared with me what's in the little box locked in the royal treasurer. Whenever I asked you do not want to answer me. You do not believe me, do not you love me?
- Johann, I believe you. I love you more than my own life. So I will tell you. In the box is hidden my strength. If someone else instead of me opened I will die and turn to dust. For many years I hid it because my teacher made me swear not to tell anyone, but you're everything to me, so you have a right to know.

Johann smiled, relieved. He knew how to win. After dinner, carried her to her room.After Lana went to sleep, he went to the royal treasury. Open the box, he took the box in his hand, drew his sword and then cut in half. At that moment appeared before him Lana. Her eyes were red and creepy.
- Traitor - Lana shouted. You betrayed me. I gave you my love.

- You killed my parents - Johann screamed. And you deserve to die diabolical creature.

Lana started laughing ominous.

- Do you think traitor, that powerful witch like me holding her  power in a small box. I fooled you Johann. I do not trust anyone. Now your betrayal became convinced me that my teacher was right.There is no love, no kindness is just evil.

Lana slapped hands and with Johann found themselves in the garden.
- I will become you in a stone, so that after you, all to ensure that I'm even able to kill someone I loved more than myself.

Lana, Stop, please! I know that deep in your heart there is kindness, with the last breath said, Johann.

 - Kindness? There is no kindness, human. There are only evil and now I will show you how powerful it can be. 
Lana reached out her hand and in one motion turned Johann into a stone statue. Then calmly looked at her work. In the garden each of the statues had its story, failed human destiny from the hands of the one who was hated by everyone in the kingdom.
Lana never escape from the evil in her soul. After the betrayal of Johann, she became even more fierce. Sometimes the evil queens are the princesses that were never saved.Sometimes this queens need some Johann,  who will never betrayed them.


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