Bleeding Lover

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And just when you think your over her...

I bleed from my soul were u took every drop of me,
I bleed forever more my love for u endlessly.
I bleed and pray these wounds will heal,
I bleed and pray I can yet again feel.
I bleed because I love u,
I bleed because its true,
I bleed red blood just like u.

So how come u dont bleed for me, 
bleed like i do, wheres the blood sweat and tears i am going through.

where do u bleed from and what is for,
i remember me and u were inseperable now u so easily ignore.

Why do I bleed for someone that hates me,
why do I bleed when she doesnt see what I see.

And now what she has done she can never go back,
she bleeds for the wrong man and her eyes turn black.
She bleeds for him when she should bleed for our savior of sin.
He shed his blood for u, u can never comprehend,
his love for u endless, like mine it was until the day that i decend.

How come u couldnt see it this blood is life and i gave mine to you,
what did u want i bleed like him to.
My blood is like his nothing more nothing less,
but yet u choose to be with him and i see lustful eyes manafess.

Now someone new will bleed for u more,
when will u stop ur wraith and stop cutting us within,
God has no place for you, i advice u pray for ur sin.

And like u my blood flow will soon stop,
I leave with my conscious clear another vessel pop.

I wrap myself with bandages i will bleed for u no more,
but i pray that ur eyes see the truth n u can bleed like i bleed straight from the core.

Submitted: February 03, 2009

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