Wounded Lover

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One day they will understand how you feel...

Submitted: February 03, 2009

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Submitted: February 03, 2009



Wounded Lover
Falling Apart, Breaking Down from this pain in my heart.
Hit me when im down aim for the middle. I look at you and see something so little.
Pull the trigger say your peace, my heart is pumping, bullets release.
Shoot me again and again, I pray to God does this pain never end.
I cannot take this pain no more, not even bullets hurt more then when my heart hit the floor.
Feeling the pain even though im dead. As you Aim for my heart and as the bullets tread, you look straight deep in my eyes, pull the trigger without thought she watches me fall to my demise.
Lieing In my grave alone and still, why didnt she think twice before she went for the kill.
Grave reads Here lies ....... a white light as I open my eyes.
My Heavenly Father Holds out his hand, My Son come join me in paradise the promise land.
Wings of an Angel Comfort me, Fly to the one that did this to thee.
Touch of my heavinly heart will save her, I love u my child this is the cure.
As she comes to my grave to apologize, On her knees Tears falling from her eyes.
Please forgive me I no not what I do, I apologize Bullets Blast I can now see it from your view.

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