All You See

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A young businesswoman is living in a wonderful little world she has worked for. Unfortunately, a second sight begins to turn things upside down.

*Note: This was a short story written for class. It is very rough, so expect a much better version in the future with a less abrupt ending.

Submitted: May 04, 2008

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Submitted: May 04, 2008



“This city gets worse and worse every day,” Mayra thought aloud as she drove down the highway leading towards the middle of Los Angles. She wasn’t wrong, though. The murky yellow-brown smog that hung over the city swallowed the sunlight and refracted it as a sickly orange. Ironically, Mayra’s Corvette didn’t exactly help save any part of the environment. She had bought the light blue classic convertible several months back to celebrate making her first half million dollars.

Her restaurant, The Blue Harem, had become something of a local hot spot, boasting a select clientele that paid for the best dining experience in town. Mayra knew that the success of her restaurant depended mostly on the endless line of young women who worked as tableside belly dancers. Most of them worked there part time as “professional performers,” but when their shift was over, it was off to the strip club to punch in for their real job.

It was a definite blow to Mayra’s career, knowing that almost of third of her employees worked as greased up sex toys who did God-knows-what for sleazy men in all kinds of dank, dingy, rundown clubs. She knew it was wrong to look down onto these young women who were just trying to make a living, but Mayra knew they could all do better than that.

Mayra’s life got off to a hard start in southern Georgia. Her mother and father divorced when she was seven years old. Then, to make matters worse, she was constantly teased at school and around town, but what more can you expect in a predominantly white town? That did not stop Mayra from studying hard during high school to graduate valedictorian and gain a full scholarship to UCLA. She decided to study business, graduated with a bachelor’s degree, then worked and saved for almost ten years to start her own restaurant.

Mayra was amazed at how quickly time had passed for her. It seemed as if it was only a day ago that she was a small child, her life full of ups and downs, and now she was a self-made woman, relying on nobody to support her new lifestyle. She was happy with this new her, but there was something missing…

Mayra arrived at the Blue Harem a few minutes later, pulling into her regular parking space behind the restaurant. She gave herself the once-over before exiting her car. Her red business suit rested tautly over her body, making her seem ever so formidable for a woman of her small frame. Her dark hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail today with only a slight strand of hair daring to curl itself over Mayra’s forehead. Mayra stepped into her place of business, her eyes scanning the floor to watch as the customers (mostly male) sat and ogled the fifty-odd young girls dancing during the 9-12 shift.

Mayra made her way past the tables, through the kitchen and into her office. Closing the door gently behind her, Mayra sat down behind her desk. The grain of the dark maple stared into her eyes, encouraging Mayra to be drawn into the world of sleep. Mayra rarely slept more than five hours nightly. Owning a restaurant, meeting with business partners, answering the constant questions posed by reporters and writers about being a successful female… Sleep just never comes for those who try to make their lives a little better.

It was a very short time before Mayra surrendered to her heavy eyelids and the lure of Morpheus. Her head fell into her palms, which held her head away from the tabletop, as her breathing slowed and her eyes closed. At first, the darkness she experienced was normal, but it was what followed that surprised Mayra. First, the images were a blur, blending and swirling together, but soon started to sharpen and slow down. There was a car, a sleek black Porsche, speeding down what looked like the intersection just outside the Blue Harem. The car turned and proceeded to accelerate at an insanely high speed. Then, just as the vehicle passed the restaurant, a woman began to cross the street, walking blindly into the path of the oncoming car.

Mayra’s head snapped up suddenly, awakening from the horrifying dream. She had no idea how long she had been asleep, but she knew that the vivid scenes would stay with her for the next few hours. The speeding car, the woman walking into the path of danger, the screams before the impact… Mayra was badly shaken after witnessing this series of events. Why was she dreaming about this sort of thing? Why was it happening outside of her restaurant? The questions that could be asked about this dream were infinite.

Those questions would have to go unanswered for the time being. There was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Mayra said, her voice jumping ever so slightly.

Tom, one of the head waiters at the Blue Harem, popped his head into the room. Tom had looked up to Mayra quite affectionately ever since she hired him almost two years ago. He had been working at a dead-end job for five years, stocking the same shelves at the same video rental store, before deciding to change his life for the better. He put in his application to the Blue Harem, hoping to become a part of such a huge local phenomenon. Also, the surplus of half-naked beauties that inhabited the premises was a more than pleasant bonus. Mayra interviewed him only a few days after putting his rumup for consideration. He was nervous, but something about Mayra made him feel comfortable in her presence. Ever since her lips parted and spoke the two words any college drop-out wanted to hear, “You’re hired,” Tom had become infatuated with his employer.

“Miss Dawson? Are you busy right now? I could come back or something—”

“Come in, Tom. It’s alright.”

“Miss Dawson...”

“It’s Mayra, Tom,” she smiled. She knew Tom had a little crush on her, and in a strange turn of events, she happened to have one on him. Now, given, Tom wasn’t the smartest guy in the world, and definitely not the most attractive, but his shy demeanor and love for the small things in life made him something of a rarity in Los Angeles. Maybe that was what made him so cute.

“Mayra,” Tom cleared his throat, “I was wondering… Since you were talking about how you were going to have nothing to do on Friday night… Would you… Um… Gosh…”

“Are you asking me out, Tom?”

Tom lowered his head, trying to hide his embarrassment from Mayra. “Yeah, that’s uh… That’s what I was going to ask.”

“Tom, you know I’m not a huge fan of dating, don’t you?”

“Yeah… Yeah, I know,” he turned around, making his way back to the door.

“But, if somebody was to show up at my house around 7:00 Friday night, and take me out to dinner at a nice Italian place, then maybe to a movie, I wouldn’t have any objections to it.”

Tom froze in his tracks. Did he just hear that? Was that what he thought it was?

“So I take it you won’t stand me up?” Mayra asked, beginning to look over some papers that had arrived for her earlier that morning.

“No, not at all, Miss Daw— I mean, Mayra. I’ll see you Friday.”

Tom exited the office quickly, a wide, idiotic grin on his face. It made Mayra happy to know that Tom wasn’t so downtrodden for once. This whole incident had even taken her mind off of that horrible dream.But the horrifying images still stuck in Mayra’s memory, forcing her to put off her paperwork for a little longer.

“Maybe I should just take a little walk? Go down to the coffeehouse and see if I can straighten myself out,” she thought to herself. It had worked many times before, why not again?

Mayra began her trek through the crowded restaurant, out into the shining light of the afternoon sun. Some of the depressing smog that usually covered the city had given way to the bright rays that bathed the city in a warm glow. Mayra strolled down the sidewalk, taking in the sights and sounds of the city. Her heels clacked on the sidewalk beneath her, beating out a steady rhythm that blended harmoniously with the rush of the street.

That’s when the familiar revving of a sports car’s engine drawing nearer. The same roar Mayra had heard in her dream. She whirled around to the source of otherworldly growl, seeing the gleaming black paint preparing to turn the corner. Mayra’s head then swung around instinctively to see a young woman preparing to cross the street, nearing the spot where the sports car would collide with—

Mayra had to do something. The Porsche had just rounded the corner, giving Mayra little time to save this poor girl from her imminent death. The clack of Mayra’s high heels grew in tempo as she rushed forward, wrapping her arms around the waist of the unsuspecting citizen.

“What is your problem, you crazy—”

The speeding blur of metal and rubber cut the woman’s inquisition short. Mayra had pulled both herself and the young woman back into the safety of the sidewalk, as a crowd of passer-bys formed around the two shaken women.

“Are you two okay?”

“Jesus Christ! Did that maniac even see you?”

“You’re lucky that woman stepped in to pull you back, sweetie. You’d be roadkill if it wasn’t for her.”

If it wasn’t for me, she’d be dead. The idea ran through Mayra’s head for what seemed to be hours before the frantic voice of a young waiter shook her back into reality.

“Mayra! Mayra?” Tom had put his hands on Mayra’s shoulders, shaking her gently, hoping to bring some sort of reality back to her.

“It’s okay, Tom. I… I just need to get inside.”


Mayra was in her bed, rolling over restlessly. It had been hours since she had helped save that poor woman from becoming a roadside pancake. She just couldn’t shake how she had based her decision on a dream. “But it was no ordinary dream,” she reasoned. It seemed so real, so tangible. What brought on this prophecy? It was impossible to relax after this series of events, so Mayra decided to brew herself a hot cup of chamomile tea.

Setting the kettle on the stove to boil, Mayra sat at her dinner table, awaiting the whistle of the steam to alert her of the state of the spring water she had poured into the copper beast. She had always tried to give up caffeine, but the lure of a soothing cup of chamomile after a stressful day was almost impossible to resist. Mayra leaned back into her hard wooden chair, closing her eyes in hopes that she could shake the incident away from all memory.

Once more, the darkness gave way to a rush of images, some more visible than others, until the final images settled. There were numbers flashing, being repeated in the same order. 4-7-32-18-9. Over and over, they flashed, never changing their order. The numbers skittered faster and faster, gaining speed until they screamed like a freight train.

The whine of the tea kettle woke Mayra from her sleep. Numbers… What did they mean? Mayra tried to forget as she made her tea. She walked over to the sofa and settled in; hoping that a few minutes of television would take her mind off the numbers.

The news praised Mayra’s rescue of a citizen, although this didn’t exactly take Mayra’s mind off of her dreams. All of a sudden, the lottery numbers flashed by on the screen.

“4… 7… 32…”

Mayra couldn’t help but finish the final two numbers, “… 18… 9.”

It was unbelievable. It was impossible. Mayra could see into the future.


Mayra soon learned to use the random premonitions to her advantage. Lottery numbers would pop up, the names of winners in sports, even the names of rising stocks on the market. Mayra invested as much as she could in these little facets of legal gambling, reaping the rewards week by week. She was able to refurbish the Blue Harem, give the working girls a raise (and keep them out of the strip clubs due to their new payroll), and even promote some of her hardest working staff members, including her new boyfriend, Tom.

But happiness did not last long for Mayra.

It happened on a Friday morning. Mayra was getting ready to make her way to work, deciding to check in a little late. After all, she deserved it, right? Mayra got dressed, had a small breakfast, and took a seat on her sofa, a cup of coffee in hand. She hadn’t gotten a good night’s rest last night, seeing as she had many personal appearances to make, sealing deals and promoting the Blue Harem the best she could. A small nap couldn’t hurt, she thought. She set down her cup of coffee, laid her head down on the arm of the sofa, and closed her eyes.

“Who knows,” she whispered to herself as she started to fall asleep, “Maybe I’ll get another nice little vision.”

This was the longest time the black ever lasted after Mayra closed her eyes. But the images started to gather. It was Tom. He was standing in the kitchen at the Blue Harem, checking the supplies. He made his way up a small stool to pull down a large mixing bowl, when suddenly, his face contorted in a look of terror. There was a small puddle of water beneath the stool, which caused it to wobble, throwing Tom off balance. His body plunged downward, fast, almost instantly. The next frame of this dream was terrible. Tom had fallen onto a knife that had upturned itself as he fell. The blade had pierced his chest, the blood seeping slowly through his shirt, forming a ghastly flower over his torso.

Mayra screamed uncontrollably as she tumbled out of the sofa. Not Tom. Not her precious Tom.

There was a great roar and the squeal of tires echoed throughout the suburban neighborhood Mayra lived in. She had to get to Tom before… No, she had to block that out of her mind. Her Corvette sped down the interstate leading into Los Angeles, breaking at least three laws all the while.

“Come on, come on!” Mayra pleaded with her vehicle, urging it to race past motorist after motorist. “I have to make it!”

Entering Los Angeles was the easy part, but the traffic jam that engulfed the highways was so much more challenging. Mayra waited patiently, hoping that there would still be enough time to steal Tom away from the icy hands of Death. The waiting became too hard three blocks away from the Blue Harem. Mayra abandoned her car in the middle of the street, opting to shed herself of her high heels and let her legs carry her as fast as they could to the restaurant.

Mayra burst through the door of the establishment, rushing through the gawking customers. She pushed through the doors leading into the kitchen.

“TOM!!!” Mayra screamed at the top of her lungs, causing her boyfriend to twist his head from atop his perch.

But this sudden jerk only furthered the slip the stool took. Mayra could only watch in wide-eyed horror as Tom’s body was flung lifelessly to the ground by the merciless entity known as gravity. The knife pierced Tom’s body, the blood spreading like wildfire across his shirt. Mayra turned away from the scene. She couldn’t believe it. Her attempt to alter the future had not been successful. To make matters even worse, she was the one that caused the death of Tom, the one man who respected her for who she was.

Mayra’s knees gave out on her as she sank to the ground. She wept uncontrollably as the music in the Blue Harem continued on.

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