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Just some old crap about a young man who stopped caring for himself after a big mass murder he did.

Submitted: February 10, 2012

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Submitted: February 10, 2012




"Standing alone on the ground that full of blood. The only human who stand from a million other human, he didn't smile for the victory. He cried."

The street is adorned by the color of red, a beautiful scenery. But, he cried. That was the cause why the beauty has faded, and mixed with the melancholy in his corrupted heart. Surrounded by people who tried to save their lives, makes the guilt in his heart awake and his body shaking like mad.


The alarm clock waking him up, still drown in guilt. He found his eyes shed tears, a painful nightmare that still haunt him until now. His painful memories that can't be discarded, he remembered every single thing that happened on that day. He takes guilt in himself, but we know that he's not at fault. It was a sorrowful luck, for the people who met him in those past. He still can't forget those scream that makes him chill to the bone. He tried to forget it so many times but those sorrowful day begin to eat him - slowly.

He shake his head, makes his beautiful silver hair wagged. He try to stand but he can't, due to the shaking foot that won't stop shaking even he wants it to stop. He try to walk slowly while holding onto the wall, walking to the bathroom to wash his gloomy face. Shave his beard that's grew too long, while thinking when is the last time he shave.

Trying to move on from the past is hard for him, he stopped feeling any indulgence. He stopped caring for himself, act like he's already gone to the other world.

Stepped slowly, he didn't want to rush. But before he realize, there's someone standing behind him - whistling. Stopped his feet, he turn around with face looking to the earth. That guy suddenly said"Uncle, why did you walking so slow?" Without a care, he beggin to walk. That guy, who seems on his 20's didn't give up and try to talk to him. Again, that guy said " Uncle, why did you walking so slow? ". He didn't care for the guy and keep walking, the third time that guy ask him the same question he stopped so suddenly and say "Can you shut up, you annoying brat." That guy flinched and said

"I'm not a brat and I'm not annoying at all!" Without a care he didn't listen to that guy stuff and keep walking. That guy still tried to approach him and ask a different question"Uncle! You stink! Why don't you bath? Why are you so lifeless? It seems like you had a lot of problems! Why don't try to live your life with more energy?"

With a voice that's barely audible, he said "Living a life that's already over?"

The guy froze, but seems still have a confidence in himself. With a loud and echoing voice he shout "Then why don't try to build a new life then!" He don't mind him and keep walking. But maybe that guy's a little frustrated and a stubborn one, that guy running like crazy and grabbed his arms.With a frustrated yet delighted voice, he said"At least give me your name!" he can't help but feel a little funny, trying to act cool in front of an adorable kid. It's imposible. But he's not trying to act cool, he said that to himself. That guy obsession makes it a little funny when he think about it so many times, and with a small smile on his face he said

"Its Sebastian Moran"

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