Pledge Alligiance?

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A very brief commentary on the state of affairs in this country and the hole that we have dug ourselves.

Submitted: October 17, 2013

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Submitted: October 17, 2013



Tonight the US government has shut down, unable to agree on how to divide the money in the petty cash box beneath the Senate majority leaders oak and velvet seat. Squabbling over  funds that really aren’t theirs to begin with. We are floating on a magic carpet that would put Alladin to shame. Closing our eyes and extending ourselves across oceans to beg for another hit from countries that we were locked in a psychological with 20 years ago. Promising that we’re going to do well this time, that we have it figured out when the only people that have us figured out are the one’s trying to, and succeeding in, killing us.
We come into this world with blinders on and a dollar bill dangles in front of us. Nobody explains why and we don’t figure it out until we are young adults and finally push our minds out of the matrix and see the strings being pulled that manipulate us all, like Dorothy in Oz. Some just pretend that it’s not true or that they never saw but when they but when they chose the path of denial and become a cog in the wheel of the me,me,me contest. They must feel the hairs on the backs of their necks stand up when they make a wrong turn and drive their shiny BMW’s through skid row or see hungry, dying children on their spirit guide, television.
It’s a dog eat dog world and we always and we seem to always end up with the bone, never sharing a lick or a sniff. Others keep wanting to switch that bone for a stick of dynamite and be rid of our imperialist march that tends to mow down peoples and cultures in it’s way. We didn’t stand on shoulders to reach this precipice, we stood on ashen skulls leaving behind apocalyptic darkness of Bruegel’s Triumph of Death in our wake.
Being the top dog, there is only one way to go. And the slide down will be fraught with bumps and scrapes from those that once existed below us. There is a possibility we won’t survive and fade into history, becoming a myth like Troy but not half as gallant.We will be forced to liquidate our assets, selling off hot merchandise to their rightful owner. There is something seriously wrong with this picture. We are being allowed to dance around and act like big shots when there’s someone on the sideline just waiting until we have gone just far enough out that our rubber band of confidence loses in elasticity and then BOOM we are property of a greater nation. Sun Tzu’s Art of War was written 100 years ago, yet we are slowly getting caught in a web that 
I’m afraid will pervade every aspect of our society. 
What we can do is back peddle like a gossip girl at prom and demonstrate some humility for all the nations we raped. And they are many. We need to give back the advantage that we took all these years. Other countries conserve better than us because, for them, it’s a matter of life and death. And it’s a death that we are greasing the slope for.

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