Banning of Assault look alike Weapons and High Capacity Magazines

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A brief discussion about the facts concerning banning High Capacity Magazines and Assault look alike weapons and the results of doing so.

Submitted: May 05, 2015

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Submitted: May 05, 2015



Banning of Assault look alike Weapons and High Capacity Magazines


by Michael Dale Sipes, Jr.


When someone says there should be a law that means there probably shouldn't be one. Laws do two things; they either give or take away our freedom. It only takes one bullet to kill, not 10, 15 or 30. By banning a weapon just because it looks like a military weapon is unconstitutional period. Banning high capacity magazines is ridiculous, because the shooter will just carry more magazines. Making it harder to own a gun is also unconstitutional and is ridiculous because bad guys don't legally purchase guns; they steal them or buy them on the streets. When someone says a child would be alive if only the bad guy did not have a high capacity magazine or a ‘assault rifle’ they are completely out of their mind and know nothing about guns. As I said, it takes one bullet to kill and most of the victims were shot once or twice, not 10 or more times, so how would a lower capacity magazine stop the killing. Also, whether a bad guy used an AR 15 which AR does not stand for assault by the way, or a simple .22 long rifle with 10 or 15 rounds, the result is the same, death from one bullet. The type of gun firing the bullet means nothing, it’s like a little Honda accord with a Ferrari engine in it, looks are deceiving and any gun can be used to cause ultimate destruction and death. This gun control issue has gotten out of hand. Our forefathers knew and planned for every conceivable issue when writing the constitution and as I said a law either gives or takes away your freedom. When a Mother who has never owned or fired or even touched a firearm goes before a podium and speaks about banning weapons and high capacity magazines without knowing the facts it just makes me cringe because they are biased and acting on pure motherly instinct and not the science of ballistics and weapons. The same person who voted against high capacity magazines might someday wish they had a few extra rounds of ammunition in their magazine if an intruder were to enter their home, but because of their hasty uninformed decision, now they only have 10 rounds of ammunition and the bad guy has 30 because he bought high capacity magazines on the streets or over sea's and that one extra round might have saved the family. As a law abiding citizen I want a gun in my home with as many rounds as possible in it, so I have a fighting chance, are you to say you want to limit my chances to just 10? We need to think in different ways and see things in other views because those against high capacity magazines and weapons that look like military weapons are too close to the tree’s to see the forest. We cannot destroy all high capacity magazines on earth and all weapons that look like military weapons, no more than we can destroy all nuclear weapons on earth, so we must find ways of living with them. The first thing would be to teach your child or children about guns by taking them shooting and get them to understand gun safety and make them learn respect for a firearm. My first gun was a .22 long rifle I got when I was 10 years old. I never shot myself or anyone else or hurt anything. I respected the gun as my grandfather instilled in me and he taught me it’s purpose, to hunt and if worse comes to worse, to protect myself, it’s a tradition in this country that is being stripped of us as we move from living on farms and the suburbs to high rise buildings and into the cities. Second, keep your guns at home locked up and be a responsible gun owner. And lastly, add extra protection to places where violent acts like school shootings might result in the death of individuals especially children by simply placing an armed officer at each school, that would create jobs and that is good for everyone. Educate yourself and think of these points, banning does nothing but hurt law abiding citizens’ period and violates our second amendment rights. Let’s use common sense and not base new laws on the feelings of the few who are biased because their loved ones were killed by fire arms. I feel grief and empathy for them but don’t mess with the Constitution and don’t you dare mess with my rights, especially since I am an Army Veteran. Just like the other 95% or more of military Veterans I own multiple firearms and I am proud to own them in case my country needs me to form a militia during a time of war and for self-defense.  Imagine if you lived in Iraq or Afghanistan or any nation in that area, would you even think of this issue, not once, not even a flash of a thought, because you would be used to AK47’s everywhere and you would probably own a few and life goes on there just as it does here.

It's an unfortunate consequence of over population, unemployment, no jobs, inflation and a runaway federal deficit with bleak outlooks for the future of the United States that is culminating people over the edge to the point of going mad and killing someone, anyone. We must remember that when you make something illegal, as we did with alcohol, you only form a new class of people; criminals, who profit on the selling of the illegal goods. You also make criminals out of the citizens who buy the once legal goods they are so used to getting. When the war on drugs was waged and certain drugs classified as illegal, we created what are now millions of illegal users and sellers who profit on our decision to ban these drugs. Our prisons are filled with the result of the war on drugs and by banning certain weapons and high capacity magazines the United States will again create another underground business that will profit on these laws and turn ordinary law abiding citizens who wish to better protect themselves into criminals for buying what should not have been outlawed in the first place. It would also create a whole new business of illegal selling of firearms and high capacity magazines, and when a buck can be made a person will turn it into a business, legal or not.  When alcohol was outlawed, use actually went up, same with heroin, cocaine and other drugs. But what is so amazing is that cocaine is a schedule II drug, which means it can be prescribed legally. But marijuana is a schedule I drug which according to the FDA and government has no medical purpose. Now, if marijuana is a ‘gateway drug’, would that not mean it would lead to harder drugs, no according to the scheduling if you started on marijuana and then progressed to cocaine you are actually using a less harmful drug, according to the FDA and the government. Now, if there ever was a gateway drug, it would be alcohol, bar none, period. Under the influence of alcohol I have done things I would have never have done sober and under the influence of alcohol I tried marijuana. But, the government makes a large amount of money on alcohol and the people demand it, so the chance for it becoming illegal again is about a billion to one.  It was alcohol that killed my grandfather at the age of 60. When he died, I vowed never to drink alcohol again and have not since I was 24. That was 12 years ago and I don’t miss it, nor do I miss the cigarettes that had to accompany the alcohol, proving again that alcohol is actually ‘THE’ gateway drug.  The world in which we lives  makes no sense at times, just as banning ‘assault’ look alike weapons and high capacity magazines would make no sense and no difference on crime.  The key is knowledge and education; educate, educate, educate and teach children while they are young all about guns as well as adults.  Again, for all of those who have been killed by a mad man wielding a gun, regardless of its make, caliber or number or rounds, I give you my deepest and most sincere condolences.  Please anyone feel free to comment and I welcome all comments good and bad, for I cannot learn from just positive reinforcement alone. Thank you and God bless you and God bless the United States of America and our precious Constitution.

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