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This is a short story or essay I wrote about the ever-present racism that is still spread like cancer throughout the United States. I have started a movement to end one tendril of this cancer by
referring to African Americans as Blacks, simply because they are just as American as I am, a Caucasian. If we insist on using African American as a designator of a race then in truth we are all
African's since mankind came to be in Africa. Let's end this outdated vernacular and bring about true change for the 21st century and abolish this misnomer.


by Michael Dale Sipes, Jr.


At one time, Blacks were Africans and then African Americans, certainly not by choice due to being forced into slavery. But now hundreds of years after being forcibly taken from Africa they are no longer Africans, but Americans just as much as I am. I am part German and part Cherokee Indian and the rest is unknown, but I consider myself White and most importantly American. When I talk about not being African, I am only referring to the fact that Blacks are Americans using the word Black as a designation of race and not a point of origin. We are both Americans, and I especially do not mean to disregard or belittle their great African heritage just as I have strong feelings about my heritage, but I believe that in order to have equality we need to refer to all of those who are legal citizens, Americans. When referring to the race of an American you do not hear of any South American Americans, Australian Americans. When you listen to it that way, African American, South America Americans, Australian Americans, they all sound strange, out of place, and most certainly and most importantly out of time. African American is just the next step after Negro which was the designation for Black people prior to the 70’s which compared to today’s vernacular, is absolutely racist in nature.

What most people fail to realize is, if you want to label people by their place of origin and not their place of birth and citizenship, then, in reality, we are all Africans. Men and women both came to be in Africa in the fertile crescent of the Nile delta in what is now modern-day Egypt. At that time the continents were closer together and Europe was connected to Africa giving man a path to migrate to Europe and Asia. From there man migrated to all the other continents. North America being the last to be colonized by man at the last ice age, those were true Native Americans. Believe it or not, like it or hate it, embrace or reject it, the fact is we all share a common thread of African heritage. Having knowledge of the true origins of all men and women and my desire for the complete abolition of racism in my lifetime I feel that as a Nation, we need to abandon African American as a designation of race, since in actuality we are all Africans, having all originated from Africa. I feel that Blacks citizens just as White citizens are equally Americans just as any other race born in the United States, and no matter their original origin epochs ago, they are no less.

It is time for all Americans to begin to refer to Blacks as Americans and not African American in our everyday vocabulary, on government forms and other documents, for those of us born in the United States, we are proud of our heritage and our citizenship. Change is the new buzzword, so let’s actually make a change instead of just talking about it.




Submitted: May 06, 2015

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Criss Sole

I agree with you completely on this, and I am glad you’re taking a stand and decided to write about it.

Sun, February 24th, 2013 8:17am


Thank you, I am happy to hear that someone agrees with me and is willing to talk about an issue that is controversial. Happy writing my friend

Michael Sipes Jr.

Thu, February 28th, 2013 6:08am

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