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These are all original quotes or proverbs that I have made myself. They are all my original ideas and words.

Submitted: May 05, 2015

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Submitted: May 05, 2015




by Michael Dale Sipes, Jr.


Writing is like Cocaine in two lines

Cocaine is to an addict as writing is to a writer,

after a few lines, we both start to feel better.

A quote from my Grandmother and her clear Conscience

“My Grandmother always said she would die of a clear conscience, I guess she has Alzheimer’s”


“Addiction is an affliction, not a moral confliction”


“When God speaks through us we often call it tongues, when the Devil speaks through us I call it gossip”

“Gossip has never helped anyone, but rather brought hurt and sadness to everyone”

“Men don’t gossip because they are afraid they might tell the truth”


“The truth is never mean, for it lacks the ambiguity of human emotion”

“One man’s truth is often another man’s opinion”


“Wisdom is not the same as intelligence, for one can be intelligent and still be a fool”

Hearing and Listening

“Hearing and listening are two different things, one can hear without understanding, but one cannot listen without wanting to hear more”


“When we stop being skeptical and stop questioning, then everything we think we know begins to be questionable”

The Wise

“The wise man remains silent when confronted with anger, only a fool would raise his fist at God"


“Disability is the lack of ability to work, not the lack of wiliness to work”

“Disability is nothing more than forced helplessness, not unwillingness"

Stupid Questions

"There are no stupid questions, only stupid people"


"All knowledge of our reality begins with birth and ends with death"

"With enough time the improbable becomes the inevitable"

"When civilization gets civilized again, I will rejoin it"

"Infinity is endless progression and endless regression"

"Good things happen to those who suffer"

"Mankind's destruction will be a result of his evolutionary baggage which is an inevitable result of time"


"There are no versions of the truth"

"Time is relevant to one's movement through space and the resulting effects of gravity"

"I don't always get what I want, but I always want what I get"

"I am therefore I think"

"A friend in need is a pest"

"Gravity is not a force but a consequence of the curvature of space-time, caused by an uneven distribution of mass"

"If it moves, fuck it, if it doesn't move, fuck it until it does"

"Sometimes feeling like living can be hard, but when faced with death living always wins"

"Life isn't what you make of it, rather life makes you"

"Persistence is the key to success"



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