My Friends forever

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A story of my friends!


Friends are not always made and friends are not always found, but when friends are made and friends are found, these friends will last forever. Such are the friends that I was have. All of my life I have been praying and waiting for a true kindred spirit, one that knew my every emotion, one that could see my beauty both in and out, one that I could truly trust my every thought with. Years after years of losing friends and being brayed by many; I gave up. Then one day in my senior year of high school I looked around at the group of girls in my class and realized something, God did not give my one kindred spirit, but he gave me 4. The moment I realized this my heart began to melt, I had finally realized that I had friends and that I would have them for the rest of my life. These friends are not just friends they are my kindred spirits, my true sisters. So when we separate and continue our lives apart, some in different cities, different states, and even different countries, I know that we may be far apart, but the bond that we share with keep us close, close until the ends of the earth.  
This is our story that we’ve begun
and this is our story that will live on
Whether near or far Rich or poor
This group will remain as one

Submitted: October 12, 2011

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