Something Has Followed You Home!

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SCHOOL CHILDREN DYING!BLACK FLYING THING! Jefferson Highs football team & cheerleaders have been travelling in a school bus, when suddenly out of nowhere they stop while after a while and get killed. Will they survive....

Submitted: June 28, 2011

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Submitted: June 28, 2011



It was just a normal day when Ben was picking the corn, from his dad’s farm. He soon reached the part were the 3 scare crows were, just in the middle of the whole farm (he made them with his brother Jacob). He was staring at them remembering all the good times he had spent last year, back in spring. The one on the left was Buck Tooth Bob, the one in the middle was Banshee and the one on the right was Rusty Crusty. While staring at them he saw one of the foul looking scarecrows foot twitch! “AGGGGGHH!” He yelled running through the tall bushy crops. As he ran, the scare crow flew into the air and grabbed his leg; Jacob his big brother heard and saw the crops shaking wildly. He grabbed a gun and ran after him, he saw his brother covered in blood head to toe. He took his best shot at the flying pitch black creature in the air. Ben’s head was streaming with blood. “JACOB HELP!” Screamed Ben at the top of his voice. But the putrid creature flew away with him clutching him by the shoulders. Jacob ran with all his might to tell his dad about the situation that happened to Ben. He cried until tears could no longer ran down his cheek. Night past and there was still no sign of Ben. On the highway a school bus full of teenager all aged 17 or 18 were passing by the farm, from their uniform they looked like they went to Jefferson High. “Eagles are the BEST, better than the Rest.” they chanted while they were on there way to play a football match they repeated it as a van passed by there were 8 cheerleaders and 14 players to be precise. During there journey they fought against who was the best player, the team captain Joshua said him and Jayden are the best and should play in defence. Everyone else was offended by this comment; the cheerleaders chatted and talked amongst themselves the most, about what there going to wear for the Mega Match. CABASHHH! The bus was swishing and swirling all over the deserted highway (luckily there weren’t any vehicles on the road). Everyone fell flat on the floor fortunately no one had hurt themselves. “Were taking a 5 minute stop so if any of you need to go to the toilet or stretch your legs now is the right time. By the way if you do need to go to the toilet, there’s a big patch of grass and bushes!” Informed Debra the bus driver, to the pupils. Debra grabbed her tool box and went to look at her bus, following her was the 2 coaches Ethan and Michael. They discovered one of the wheels had been cut through. Debra decided to take a closer look. “It seems like there’s something stuck in it, wait let me pull it out, what’s this?” Mentioned Debra with doubt. In her hand she held a peculiar looking object, it had 4 sharp edges that looked like a dinosaurs tooth 3 inches long. The edges had colour fading away with age she turned it around and there was a mouldy yellow tooth. This little object had sliced through the whole wheel. “Will we be able to carry on our journey?” Questioned Ethan. “Sure, but we have to move really slowly, the road is perhaps going to be very bumpy.” Answered Debra. “COME ON EVERYONE BACK IN THE BUS!” Yelled Michael alerting the students. The black monstrous creature flew above them, Samuel one of the boys who still hadn’t finished stretching didn’t hear the coach till he yelled it out again, and was just slowly walking towards the bus he was minutes away from the bus. The monster swooped from above attempting to grab Samuels’s shoulders. Thankfully he missed. “How come I just felt a sudden breeze? Must the wind passing by.” Murmured Samuel. “HURRY UP SAMUEL YOUR HOLDING EVERYONE UP.” Shouted Michael. Samuel came running while that preposterous creature grunted. They drove and drove till one of the passengers Ella fell to the floor with a big thud, no one noticed because they were asleep she was actually having a vision ( she didn’t even know she had this gift) . It was Ben he was telling her about the immortal like alien he said something about, every 23 years...... after 23 springs........ For 23 days that black creature comes out of its cave after sleeping to prey on humans for 23 days till 12:00pm. With a huge breath she woke up when she looked up and saw everyone staring at her. She told everybody about her vision. They were gobsmacked but thought she just had a dream. Meanwhile this was happening the hunting machine was catching them up. She had a quick check up from Coach Michael and were back on the road. While this was happening the monster was catching up. CABASHHH! This time the bus screeched and creaked while spinning on the road, finally it was put to a halt. She grabbed her tool box to look at what happened this time she saw one of the wheels on the same side had been slit all around as well. She took a closer look again it was around 8:45pm so she couldn’t see , she lit her torch, and saw that same object from before, she turned it over but to her disgust it wasn’t a tooth, it was a belly button stitched on to the surface of it. “We can’t drive any longer both wheels are punctured on one whole side. If we do carry on we most probably topple onto one side. It’s too dangerous. I’ll try to get in touch to any places near by like that farm we past 5 hours ago. I have some candles in this box including a match box maybe if Michael can light them so people can see that were stranded, Coach Ethan tell the children about the problem or find a material that can tape the wheels together” Instructed Debra. Michael did as she said immediately and lit 5 candles straight away; Ethan found a balloon pump and some super glue and went outside to fix the wheels. The teenagers watched cautiously. “WOAH!” Said everyone together. They saw Coach Michael get swooped through the air by two skeleton like claws. Sadly coach Ethan didn’t see because he was concentrating on what he was doing, unfortunately at the same time it happened to him. “Quite down back there” Snapped Debra. “But....” Warned Dylan. “No buts let me go check what those two are doing outside.” Nagged Debra. The first step she took she was flown into the air. Everyone stared in surprise. “AGGGGGGGHHHHH, QUICK CLOSE THE DOOR.” Ordered Conner to Tyler who was closest next to the door. Everyone screamed with fear. “Quick grab anything sharp that will defend yourselves including guns.” Ordered Joshua. The bus wibbled and wobbled it felt like that monster was jumping on top of the bus, everything went dead silent they heard someone breathing heavily behind them. At once they all turned around. It was that ugly terrible looking winged alien he stared at specific people for about 30 seconds. He looked at Joshua, Jayden, Aaron, Aden, Katie, Dylan, Ella and Jesse. Staring at them everyone knew he could smell the fear, he stared at the people who were most scared out of the lot. He tried ripping of the roof with his claws but it only left the ceiling dented. The black repulsive creature jumped on the bus for several minutes the screws were unbolting very slowly. “I heard Debra trying to get in touch with someone from her walkie talkie when the bus broke down I should do the same. Bus 542 down and under I repeat bus 542 down and under.” Spoke Dylan “Chuuuuccc........chuuuuccc..... Hello who is this? Excuse me I’m John Baker from Ber n hill Farm.” Replied the walkie talkie. “HELLO HELLO SAVE US WERE BEING ATTACKED BY A MONSTOR ALL 3 OF OUR TEACHERS HAVE BEEN TAKEN AWAY AND ....AND WERE JUST A BUNCH OF TEENAGERS AND NEED HELP TO KILL THIS THING WERE ON THE HIGHWAY ABOUT A COUPLE OF HOURS FROM YOUR FARM, REMEMBER TO BRING THE POLICE.” Bursted Dylan. “I can’t bring the police there days away from here, and me and my son Jacob will arrive quickly with a massive killing machine bye!” Cried John. “Thank you, be quick.... extremely quick BYE!.” Said Dylan with a sigh of relief “Hey everyone, help is on its way in a couple of hours.” Announced Dylan joyfully. Everyone cheered, while this was happening the roof slit open, that sickening creature grabbed hold of Dylan’s head everyone grabbed him, he was about to get eaten, it was like tug of war. But unfortunately that monster gave a big tug and everyone fell down. From the whole in the ceiling they watched the monster eat Dylan part by part very slowly. Everyone watched in fright. He had injured his wing half of it had been cut of, by eating Dylan he somehow produced a new whole wing. The revolting creature was just lying down on the bus with its eyed closed breathing heavily it was a quite as a mouse. “I think Jayden, Aaron, Aden, Katie, Elizabeth, Ella and Jesse should get of this bus. That creature looked at you and I think he wants to prey on you. He looked at Dylan and he already ate him so anyone who agrees say yes.” suggested Joshua. “Well I don’t agree because your missing some one out, yourself. You know that thing out there stared at you to in fact he stared at you the most and you know it did.” Joshua was speechless. “CHUUUUUCC.....................CHUUUUUCCC.................HELLO THIS IS FARMER JOHN I AM NEARLY AT THE DESTINATION I HAVE BROUGHT MY SELF MADE SHOOTER 2000. IT SHOOTS OUT A MASSIVE HOOK AND WILL HOPEFULLY KILL THAT KILLING MACHINE THAT MUDERED MY SON.............HELLO............HELLO.”Shouted Farmer John. “HELLO............ HELLO........THANKYOU BE QUICK THAT THING IS ASLEEP NOWS YOUR CHANCE” Replied Jayden. A couple of hours later they got really fed up of the farmer not coming and that creature was still asleep. “Come, on everyone we have to run away.” Announced Joshua. All the surviving passengers followed and ran as fast as they could. Soon as they ran a couple of miles that creature woke up, he looked inside the bus nobody was there, and immediately he started to fly. Flying through the wind he was a eagle. Finally he caught up with the students. They were all running faster and faster when they caught the sight of the flying scaled creature. Joshua on the other hand was just running past a tree and that monster threw a sharp knife. Joshua’s arm was pinned to the tree, although Jayden was no longer his friend he still tried helping him by pulling the knife out. The creature swung down and grabbed him with its claws. Soon after a while he threw one of those flying wheels at Jesse’s head and he was dead. The farmers van had arrived; quickly he saw the monster and took his best shot at it. Oh,no it hit its wing, which got cut of and now he was flying all wonkily . He took another shot and it nearly missed but it hit its leg, its leg was slit open and was goosing out with a yellow liquid. He took one last shot and this time fortunately he hit him right in the back. The hideous creature fell to the floor. “Grab the knifes dad, and I’ll grab the big guns now’s our chances.” Said Jacob the farmer’s son. They both grabbed what they were told and ran to the captured creature. It looked asleep but they didn’t care they stabbed it and shot it more than 50 times. They ran out of bullets but farmer John carried on stabbing it, taking out all his anger, from when his son was murdered. He carried on for 15 minutes or so. out of nowhere a peach coloured cape cover head come out of its neck and covered its face. Was it dead no one knew............................

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