The Haunted House by michelavieri

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There was an orphan girl who was very rich and her house got haunted one day. She accidentally drank a poison and the only way to survive is to give all of her money or to go to the deadly mysterious grave that no one ever came out of it alive. It was a hard choice for her since she really loved her parents and they told her not to give their money to anyone.

Submitted: July 03, 2014

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Submitted: July 03, 2014



The Haunted House

Long time ago, lived a little girl in a big, grand house. Her parents died when she was ten, and she never knew if she had any families out there. So she lived alone there in the big, lonely house. Her parents were very rich, and their money was hidden somewhere that only the girl knew where it was. It was in a sort of like a small rounded dark underground tunnel with red brick walls and waters all over the floor. Every time she needs to go there, she has to carry a small flashlight to shine the corners of the tunnel and to look back every minute to check if someone was following her. After her parents died, the maids scattered away to find another job, and the only thing that was left was the tall ceilings with paintings of little angels flying on a bright blue sky, dark big rooms with a very long dining room in the middle of it that has only 2 chairs on top of a dark dusty red carpet, and much more. She never knew how to switch those lamps since it was very high. So the only light that was working was on her little messy desk for her to pour out all of her feelings and hopes in one little tiny book with the word “Diary” scribbled on top of the page with a little curly, but scary looking letters. She was Marta.


Marta’s twelve now and she was a good girl. But she had no friends at her school. Marta knew that she was in danger for all of the money she had, but she was a brave little girl. She was just scared by one thing, ghosts. So she jumped here and there whenever she heard a weird wind sound at the end of the big, wide rooms. She screamed as the spiders popped here and there right in front of her face since she was traumatized by something that had happened back then. She felt very safe in her bedroom since the big window in there was too big to be opened by a stranger. So whenever she’s afraid, she jumped right into her bedroom and locked the door. She had a big wide bedroom with a pink carpet. It only has one little bed, her desk, and the big old looking window, it felt so big for little Marta.


 One night, when she was making her way downstairs to get a drink, she heard a little squeaky but soft laughs at the end of the room. It was a big wide room with a white chair at the corner and a refrigerator. The laugh got louder for a moment, and then it faded. Marta froze and her heart seems to be pounding so fast and loud. She can hear her breathing in the silence. She walked a few steps again and was surprised to hear a tinkling of glass that toppled down, then “CRASH!!” goes the glass with some piece of the broken glass toppling near her dirty, smugly, little white foot on top of the red carpet. She asked with her voice shaking, “Who are you?!! Come out, wherever you are, I’m not AFRAID!!” But she was afraid, very afraid.


There was silence… Then she heard a rushing of light footsteps towards her. She can’t stand it anymore. But then a black cat jumped out terrified out of its wits and runs away. She was relieved but then she heard another light footsteps making its way to her. She shone her flashlight to one side of the room… Nothing. And she kept going, the second side, nothing. Third, nothing. Until at the last side of the room, there was something. She figured out that something was moving towards her, but she can’t see it. Then at one point, the flashlight shone something moving beside her foot. She didn’t believed it at first, but it was a pair of foot that seemed to be no one’s. In other words, she can’t even see the body! She screamed and dropped her flashlight on the floor and ran to her bedroom but before that, she grabbed a bottle of water near her. What she doesn’t realize is that she took the bottle from a big white cold hand that was holding it. She rushed to her safe bedroom, then she closed her eyes tightly, hoping that it was a nightmare. But it wasn’t.


Her throat felt so tight for all the drama she went through that night. But this is just the beginning of the story. She snatched the bottle and drink it in one big gulp. The room felt like spinning so she closed her eyes again. She closed her eyes even when she heard a light footsteps walking towards her bedroom, she could see through her eyelid that a flashlight was shining through her bedroom door. There was a light creak from her locked bedroom door. After a moment of silence, she felt a light breeze from her left cheek. So she opened her eyes and to her big horror, the big window beside her was opened! And she felt a sticky thing had dropped from the ceiling to her cold cheeks. One drop, two drops, then she slowly looked up to her ceiling and saw big bold letters at her ceiling that was painted from fresh blood. She froze and read it in a whisper, “YOU ARE POISONED. NO ONE CAN HEAL YOU EXCEPT ME… GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR MONEY AND YOU’LL BE SAFE... IF YOU AGREE, WRITE A LETTER AND PUT IT IN THE DINNING ROOM. I WILL GET IT TOMMOROW AT 12 P.M. – X” She panicked, and ended up just laying there at her bed for the rest of the night with a pale face, wondering if that Mr. X will come back again. She waited and waited, she saw her flashlight on the floor beside her bed. At first, she don’t want to pick it but at last because of her fearness of what might happen next, she took it and used it to shine the corner of her rooms. Luckily, he didn’t came back.


The next day, she was confused whether to agree or not. She had promised her parents to not give their money to anyone, but she doesn’t want to risk her life either. So she think and thinked for the whole day. It’s good that it isn’t school day, so she can think harder. Every time she wants to decide, she burst out and cried with her hand paused on top of the blank old letter that her mother bought a few years ago… The day seemed to drag on, and she was just sitting there on top of her messy desk with a stern but confused little face. Towards midnight, she decided to not write any letter since she really loved her parents. The clock strucks 12 and she jumped into her bed. She knew that the mysterious person will be here soon, and will be really mad for not finding that letter on the dining table. She heard the familiar footstep sounds downstairs going here and there searching for the letter. Marta closed her eyes with her heart pounding faster than a rollercoaster and louder than the loudest sound. She felt as though her heart was racing and she calmed herself down by counting the bright stars outside in a whisper,” 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, … BANG!!” Her bedroom door slid open, but Marta can’t see anybody there. She quickly look down and saw a pair of foot there. The door quickly closed again and the key turned slowly. The door was locked.


When she was sobbing her heart out the next morning, she saw a white figure flying from the sky towards her big window. A light knock came from that figure. Marta hesitated for a moment. But her curiosity was bigger than her fearness, so she opened the window with all of her power. But the window doesn’t even move a bit. “Who are you?” asked Marta with a brave voice. She wasn’t scared at mornings. “Can you open this huge window?” continued Marta. “I think I can…” said that figure showing her face. But her face was just a bunch of bright light shining. Marta covered her eyes with hand trying to see her. She was an angel. She came there with a wand that she used to open the big window. At first Marta doesn’t believe what she had seen. But after punching her head and scrunching her eyes, she finally believed it.


“I know how hard it is Marta, but I think I can help you…” said the angel. “How? Please, quick, I’m feeling very dizzy now. I don’t think I can help it.”, cried the little girl. “Okay... Do you know the deadly, mysterious grave? Where people never came out alive?” “Yes!!” cried Marta looking a bit scared of what she might hear. “Do you know what makes them dead?” asked the angel. “NO!” replied Marta. “Do you know Linus the great magician?” continued the angel. Marta quickly nod her head, she loves magic. “He brought his best experiment in his grave. And Linus made the dead men there alive with those dead bodies to kill people whenever they wanted to go in, therefore, Linus’ experiment will be safe.. And sadly, the only way for you to survive is to get in there and take that experiment.” She paused dramatically.


“But why??” asked little Marta. Her face was very white that the color if her face blends her peach creamy white wallpaper with scratches at the corners. She stands still beside the window admiring the angel like she was the only light in her life “Well… It’s the only way to heal that poison you’ve drank… You have to do it to survive even if you had to face Mr. Linus himself with his one eye stuck inside his nose from his last experiment.”, said the angel with a nervous laugh. “Remember, he is very dangerous. But you can read this book and study the magic spells that can stop Mr. Linus from chasing you. The ghosts has different chara…” The kind, soft voice started to trail off and Marta’s eyes seems to be really heavy, and at one point, everything was black. Marta fainted.


She woke up that evening light-headed, and the room still seems to go on a merry-go-round, and the peach wallpaper made her dizzier. She remembered what she had to do and wished it was all just a nightmare. But there was that big book on her lap, so it was no dream. She dragged her feet downstairs with the big book in her hand. Her foot seemed to be really heavy that it sounded like a pirate’s foot. Tick-tock-tick-tock goes little Marta. She took a sip of milk from the refrigerator at the dining room. But the milk just made her dizzier. She opened the big book gently on her lap and started to read it out loud. “No-eyed zombie, do not know if there is a person in front of them. No-legs zombie, easily knows if there is a person there, but just commands the other zombies to catch them. The stupid zombie…” said Marta trying to remember all those things. Luckily, Marta was a fast learner so she remembered everything by 10 p.m. and was ready to go there. She hesitated for a moment, but then she finally gathered her courage to do it. She started stuffing things in her backpack that she might need them there. Flashlight, biscuits, jacket, weapons, and most importantly, the big magic book. She hurried downstairs and as she was about to open the door, she heard the familiar footsteps behind her. She quietly opened the door and ran as fast as she could without bothering to look back.


Marta finally arrived there. Everything seems unusual. Tall rusted fence with moss creeping along the top of it, green and black stones, the owl’s sound here and there… Marta’s heart seems to pound faster, and faster. But she calmed herself down, “Okay, this is it, I don’t like ghosts, but this is it. I have to face this no matter what.” said Marta. She bravely stepped forward. “AAaaahhhh!!!” screeched someone inside. Marta’s braveness disappeared suddenly into thin air as she jumped back quickly. But she gathered her courage to open the gate. The biggest gate she had ever seen…


The gate was not locked, and Marta left them open in case she needs to run back out the way back. The second she stepped in, there was a loud roar, louder than anything, She quickly covered her ears and she felt like her heart was an empty bottle dropping 200 feet down a hole. She saw the no-eyed zombie just in front of her that seems to be walking to nowhere. But she knows that it was just to scare people and made them scream to alert the other zombies. She remained silent and tip-toed away through the grass and headed to another gate. She ran and ran quickly, and that little girl seemed to know her way, like she had lived there for years. Right, left, right, left, left, goes the little girl. Marta ran as fast as her little feet can go. And at last, she arrived at Linus’ gate with sweats on her forehead for passing dozens of zombies. Marta was braver now since she succeed to pass about twenty zombies there without being caught by them. So she opened the gate with no fearness since she remembered the magic spell to kill Linus very well. She swept a wave of sweat and took a deep breath since it seemed like there is not much oxygen there, smokes were dancing around on the ground like fogs covering the ground. She swung the door open and stepped inside. She was too brave that she had no awareness of what she might see there, it was her first mistake.


Marta had forgotten about the transparent ghosts who guarded Linus’ gate. Well, that ghosts can’t do much, but they can fly faster than the wind to tell Linus if there was danger outside. “What??! Who was that girl! How can she pass those guards out there! She was only a girl!” roared Linus alerted by the report. “We don’t know sir, she seemed to be really brave and step inside with no fear!” replied the ghosts with a soft, but alerted sound, he sounded like the cold wind that breezed softly. His face was mysterious and seemed to be so dangerous “AAaahhhh!! Let me face her myself! All ghost soldiers in position! Move!” shouted Linus. “As you wish, sir…” cried the transparent ghost. Marta was shocked to see Linus himself facing towards her with cackles in his throat. “What are you doing here? Trying to steal my experiment?” asked Linus. Marta opened her mouth to scream. But nothing came out. She rushed out of the gate. But she could see Linus rushing to chase her on from the corner of her eyes. Could this be the end of her life?


She came to a dead stop. She had chosen the wrong path! It’s dead end, and there was no turning back. She thought quickly and decided to hide behind a white cloth that was dangling in front of her. There was another white cloth in front of her on the floor. Marta’s face turned from bright red to white. She doesn’t like ghosts. She opened the cloth slowly and to her big horror, she saw both of her parents there laying across the floor with a large knife sticking on their backs. Could she be next?


 She stayed there for a while and panicked. She can’t stay there longer because Linus will be there soon! But she can’t focus since the picture of her parents was too horrible to think about, she really loved her parents. Marta quickly put the white cloth back again and started to think harder. “Come on think, think, think Marta, think!” As she think and think, her backpack felt so heavy so she pulled it off and put it on the floor. She was crying desperately. Her future seems to be a black paper with bloody scratch on them. No hope. Then Marta remembered of the big book she was carrying.


She was on a hurry before until she forgot the magic spell. She opened the cloth that was dangling in front of her and recite the magic spell at the top of her lungs. It flows clearly and smoothly from her mouth.  She saw Linus right in front of her. She was trembling of fearness since Linus kept moving forward and forward. She tried a few of the tricks but Linus just laugh at her like she was an idiot. She tried about a dozen tricks but none of them worked. She was scared, worried, and tired all at the same time. She was hopeless. Then suddenly, she remember the last trick of all. Linus was just a few meters and looks like he’s about to grab her. Marta stepped forward with her foot trembling and quickly spit on Linus. Linus was shocked and became weaker, and weaker, and weaker.  Marta had the chance to run past Linus, she ran and ran not wanting to look back to see Linus. She violently pushed the zombies behind Linus that blocked her way. They tried to hold her back by pulling her little arm until it has red stretch marks on them. She tried to break free while Linus seemed to be gathering all of his strength to catch her, but he seemed to be out of breath and the second Linus fell on the ground, the other ghosts disappeared to thin air and became soft smokes that flew to their own graves and lay peacefully there. Marta ran and quickly drink a bottle of water from Linus’ grave. After drinking that, she saw a piece of paper that was Linus’ order to her uncle to take her parent’s money. Marta was really shocked after she knew that it was her own uncle who did that to her. She was walking back home when the most horrible thought flew through her head. “Uncle’s not one of those ghosts. He is still alive! So he might be outside to get me!! Or is he dead??” 

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