Could not have doene it without YOU.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A young girl auditioning for her schools play. Caught in her nerves, her boyfriend helps her geht through them.

Submitted: June 23, 2011

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Submitted: June 23, 2011



GIRL:"I cant do this, why cant you understand that?!"

BOY:"Cause i know you can, your super talented!"

GIRL: "Not really..."

she sits down on the bench behind stage with her arms crossed. He sits next to her.

BOY:"Look, ive heard you sing, your voice is beautiful, and so are you"

GIRL:"Ugh...spare me..."

BOY: "Baby, i came here to hear you sing, i came here to be with you, why are you acting this way?"

GIRL:"I didnt ask you to come in the first place.."

BOY:" want me to leave?"

she didnt answer. He looked at her, then looked down at the floor.

BOY:"Fine then, ill leave ok? but just cause you want me too."

he gets up and egins to walk away.

GIRL:"Wait! leave"

he turns around and looks at her.

GIRL:"Im sorry, i dont want you to leave, but ill never believe the things you tell me..."

he slowly walks toward her and sits down, grabbing her hand.

BOY:"So when i tell you how beautiful your voice is and you are you wont believe me? or how everytime i see you my heart starts to race and my body gets all stiff? like im getting ready to meet Hannah Montana or somethin.."

they both laugh.

GIRL:"That was really sweet, and yea, i guess i do believe just gets hard when i feel this way."

BOY:"Yea,i know,but im here and im gonna help you get through this ok?"

GIRL: "Thank you"

they both smile.

awomen walks backstage, looking down at a clipboardshe quickly looking up she says.

WOMEN:"Honey, ur up!"

GIRL:"Ooh my gosh"

BOY:"Good luck! your gonna do great. i love you ok?"

GIRL: "Thank you, i love you too"

she lets go of him and walks on stage. He watches her walk on stage, and then he slowly walks away.

The next day at school she runs up to him at homeroom.

GIRL:"Baby! i got the part!!"

he picks her up in excitement and spins her around.

BOY:"Baby im soo proud of you! i knew you could do it!"

GIRL:"I could not have done it without you"

He smiles at her, and gently kisses her.

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