How i really feel, about us.

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just a short i wish to write my love one day.

Submitted: August 07, 2011

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Submitted: August 07, 2011



Dear Erick,

You have been the light in my life, ever since the day we started dating again. I can tell you anything, you understand me, and make me feel like im an angel. But lately, my feelings for you, are fading away. You are the only guy in my life i know, that has completly changed me, and made me a better person, so why do we fight? why is there so many problems? I know ive made mistakes, i will honestly regret them for the rest of my life, but you have to believe me when i say i love you. I dont want us to end...i dont want to lose you. Even though sometimes, i cant help but want to. I cant live alone without you, i cant fight with you on the phone and exspect everything to be okay the next morning when i know we will fight again later. Im a person who needs someone there when im down. I need someone there when theres noone else around. But you cant be there. And i know thats not your fault...and im not blaming you. I just dont know what to do. That day you left was the worst day of my life. I'll never forget how much i cryed...and how noone understood my pain, but you. Til this day i cry at night, wishing there was a way we could be together again. Wishing there was some way, you could hold me and kiss me and be there for me, when ever i wanted you to. But you cant. And i know that kills you inside too. We will always be together, and ill never give up on us. I know our love will shine through our problems. I will try my best to keep our realationship strong, and i know you will to. I will love you til the day i die.



~Michele xoxo

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