The kiss of a life time.

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The girl i can't stop thinking of.

Submitted: June 19, 2012

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Submitted: June 19, 2012




From the beginning I knew how much I was going to like you.  You were different, unique, and beautiful.

I finally brought up the guts to just introduce myself. And at the moment, thank god I did.  You were the cutest.  I was there for you, and I told you my life story just so you can grow to trust me, and maybe we could have a relationship.  Things were going well. You filled that space inside me that no one else at that moment could have filled. You made it impossible for me not to get nervous every time you texted me. So…finally we met. The minute I saw you, my heart raced, I started to sweat. My whole body felt numb.  I walked up to you, to only realize, how tall you were.  Every one’s first impression of me is how short I am. It is upsetting when you are going to meet your “future girlfriend”, because the first thing she said to me was “OMG your short”.  I guess I’m ammine so I just laugh it off.  The rest of that night was from the angles. The way we caught each other’s eyes, the way she talked to me, and just the way she was…I couldn’t help but smile.  When the night got dark, my feelings wore off slightly. She was upset about something and so was her friend who was following her around. I asked her if she was okay, and she either didn’t answer me, or she said she was fine.  (People aren’t very good liars) So it got me upset. I wanted to have a good time with her but people were being annoying and I just walked away and went into another store to gather myself. I thought about her and smiled. If they didn’t come find me so quick I would have been crying. But she stood there, looked at me and said I was beautiful. I’ll never forget the way she said it. (I think the only reason she said it was because my friend Kelly told her I was upset…but I still loved it, and I know she meant it.) I laughed and of course brushed it off, but it played in my head over and over again. After we left that store, we met up with other people. It was better that other people came because now it wasn’t so focused on me and her relationship.  But soon, of course, the night had to end eventually.  Her dad was coming, and the pressure was on.  Earlier when we were in the stores, she had told Kelly that she liked me…and she wanted me to kiss her. When I heard this, my heart fell to my shoes. Honestly, I don’t remember the last time, I liked someone, and they liked me back.  It was a feeling I’ll never forget. And writing this right now, my smile is bigger than ever before.  Waiting outside for her dad…my heart beaded so fast, you could probably see it coming out of my shirt. I stood in front of her, pacing, sweating, mumbling to myself, and she just looked around and smiled.  That second came. I just knew it. A black car pulled up right behind her and I knew it. That is her dad. She is leaving and I have to make the first move. She hugged Kelly, and then hugged me. For a split second, she waited there…I cried inside.  “Can i…kiss you goodbye...”  Her eyes wondered, and a smirk flushed her face.  She leaned down and our lips met. Honestly after that all I remember is her walking away to her car, and me having a panic attack. Kelly and I just stood there for a few and toke it all in. For a minute, no one else existed.  The rest of the night isn’t important because my wish had already come true. The kiss I’ll never forget and I’ll share with millions.

I’m probably going to sit here after I’m finished with this, and cry because of where we stand now.  But I’m not going to cry because it’s over, I’m not going to beg for her to talk to me, or come back to me…I’m just going to smile because it happened. And whatever the future holds, well, that is in God’s hands, and he knows what is best. I’ll never forget what we had Desirae, You made my life.

~Miichele xoxo

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