The Ugly Ones.

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The ugly ones doesnt mean their physical features. Its the uglyness that these people keep inside. The ugly that they show aopn other people. Like myself.

Submitted: June 17, 2011

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Submitted: June 17, 2011



I travel this world,

all alone with fear,

surrounded by the ugly ones,

bullshit is all i hear.

So many lies cross their mind,

i always wonderd how they survive.

Thinking of how ridiculous they act,

walking around thinking there're all that.

Sticking their nose way up high,

expecting you to do what ever they comand.

Wishing their was someone who understands.

wishing there was someone to take you by the hand.

Hold it tight,

through the hot days,

the cold nights.

To tell you everything will be alright.

To make sure youraway from them,

the ones who abuse,

who never acted like a friend.

Dont we all wish they would go way!

Never come back til the day i say!

Oh im so glad!

I can feel it inside me,

The happyness the joy,

all the sorrow behind me.

The laughter,

The hope,

Everyone is finally feelin'

Arent we all happy that the ugly ones are leavin'?!

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