These Feelings.

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What is my escape?

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012



I cant even anymore.

How many times have all of you heard that saying "Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"?


Thats the biggiest lie i have ever heard in my life.

Its not funny anymore and it never will be.

My best friend was so upset she was gonna kill herself beacuse of what SOMEONE else said to her.

Like i dont understand the point in making someoe cry or making someone upset.

Its NOT funny and if that honestly makes you feel better then you ve ALOT of problems.

Ive been put down my hole life beacue people cant accept the fact that im alittle different.

And the greatest part about this, is that once a person is so depressed, they are considerd "crazy".


We arent crazy cause we are depressed.

We are mentally tired of being putdown for something so stupid.

Serial killers dont become serial killers cause they are crazy.

Everything goes back to childhood and how they were treated.

Times are tough and we all should stick together beacuse people are sitting home alone crying and cutting themselfs beacuse of people who dont care about someone elses feelings.

Im one of them and im sick and tired of it.

Bullying is terriable and i cant even tell you how much it pisses me off.

Like how does a single human being have the balls to say something to someone about their apperence or sexuality or something stupid like that?

Gropw up and mind your own business.

If you have nothing nice to say then dont say it.

I dont care how YOU feel.

You should care about the person your hurting.

Cuz once you find out what they are really dealing with in life,

Your gonna feel liek a total asshole.

Your not the only one with feelings.

Everyone needs someone to talk to cuz everyone has feelings.

Thnk before you talk and then maybe youll stop yourself for ruining someones day.

I dont know.

This is pointless i just needed to let that all out.





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