UNRAVEL: Truth Be Told by Michelle Johnson-Lane

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Maxwells have it all - family, fame and fortune. There are some things money just can't buy - keeping a love one alive and kept secrets from another with a clandestine past. Find out how this matriarch handles keeping her family together through many trials and tribulations. Things change drastically for the Maxwells when a covert life begins to inevitably UNRAVEL.
Tilly Maxwell, a rich widow, has been holding secrets since youth. She is a mother of four majorly different children. Tilly’s oldest daughter, Melissa, who is inquisitive by nature; stumbles upon something she had no business finding and begins to unravel her mother’s clandestine past. Tilly’s children want her to confess what she's been hiding for so many years. One can only imagine the few crimes Tilly’s committed to keep her past under a tight wrap, like bribery and possibly even murder.

Table of Contents

There's Nothing Like Family

The Maxwells were gathering for Thanksgiving dinner at Family mansion on a gorgeous twelve-acre ocean view estate in Portland, Maine. Tilly's four children and most of her grandchildren were raised in this home. It had been almost two years since everyone had all come home. The plan had been for the family to celebrate the 6-week holiday season through the New Year. Melissa, a journalist, is Tilly's oldest daughter who stirs the pot when she stumbles upon a 40-year-old vintage airmail envelope in her mother's untidy armoire. This was totally out of character for Tilly Maxwell and raised a red flag for Melissa. She questions her mother and Tilly admonishes Melissa, but this journalist refused to live well enough alone. Read Chapter