October 31st

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Michelle's life is not so good when her parents divorced and her own mother abandon her. When Michelle's mother called, telling her she's coming to see her along with her new boyfriend, Zach and his daughter, Molly. Michelle finally realizes what was wrong with her, leaving it with a twisted ending, no one new her birthday was on halloween.

Submitted: October 08, 2013

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Submitted: October 08, 2013



October 27

My name is Michelle. I'm just an ordinary girl whose life is fucked up. My so beloved parents are divorced and my mother left me with my dead beat father. All he does is go to work, come home and get drunk or do nothing at all and just watch the television. It's almost halloween. Only four more days to go. I have a part-time job since I need money and the bastard of my father won't lend or even look at me. I just wished I were dead. This life is killing me!

The next morning, I woke up to get ready for school. I wore black. Everything black. I don't care what others say or think of me. I like to be different. As I went downstairs to eat cereal before I leave, my father came in the kitchen, ignoring me as always. He served himself, eating bread with coffee. Watching him from the corner of my eye, I've lost my appetite, leaving the cereal half full, I gotten up and slammed the front door. On my way to where the bus stops, my hands were sweaty and shaking. Whatever I have been thinking, I'm going insane, too scared but my mind is telling me to—do it!

October 29

The day is getting closer now, I can feel the excitement already. My mother called earlier that she's coming over before halloween to see me and father. She says she's bringing her new boyfriend and his daughter over. I've talked to the girl on the phone and she gave me her e-mail. The girl, Molly, sounds different when we talk on the phone and e-mailing each other. We have a lot in common, both our parents are divorced and seeing other people. Molly even told me she wanted to kill her own father because he beat up her mother.

Molly: Don't you feel the same, Michelle?
Me: Yes but I can't do it. I hesitate.
Me: But I'm going crazy about it. I don't know what to do.
Molly: I also feel the same too...
Molly: What can we do?

I didn't have an answer. I thought about it until I put my fingers in the keyboard, telling her we should make a surprise for them. Molly agree and she had to go because her father came home early. The conversation ended and waited for tomorrow to talk about our plans.

October 30, 3:58 a.m.

Nightfall took over. I was in my room listening to heavy rock music. I suddenly heard a 'ding' sound. I looked it up on my computer. It was Molly who send me an e-mail.

Molly: We're going to arrive early in the morning. I've borrowed my father's phone.
Me: That's great....can't wait to talk with you.
Molly: It's 4 a.m in the morning? Aren't you sleepy.
Me: I can't sleep. I probably will when you get here..
Molly: Glancing at my father makes me sick and your mother is not nice..sorry.
Me: She never was..why do you think she abandon me? 
Molly: You're right. Well I got to go. See you in a few! :)
Me: Okay then :)

Molly logged off. So did I. Halloween is tomorrow and once Molly is here, we're going to pretend everything-nothing ever happened. I sat up, looking at myself on the mirror. There's something about me that seems different. I look more depressed, tired, and—I don't know what else to say. A missing word is left to describe myself. I'll soon discover it once Molly and I settle everything.

I've closed my eyes for awhile when I heard the doorbell rang. I've waited and it rang again. I gotten up, went downstairs and open the door. My mother gave me a hug and told me she missed me. That was a lie. She introduce me her boyfriend, Zach and his daughter, Molly. My father came down to say hello. I watched them going to the kitchen. I quickly grabbed Molly's wrist and rushed up stairs to my bedroom. I closed and locked the door.
"Michelle, we look almost alike," Molly giggled.
I looked at her clothes and mines. We laughed together. "True," I smiled.
"Now that they're together in the kitchen. Why don't we go there too and smash or cut their heads off!" Molly grin like the Joker but insanely. I think I'm starting to like her personality.
"I was thinking doing it on halloween night. We dress up, pretending to go trick-or-treating. We cut off the power. That's when we come in smashing and cutting their heads off," I finished saying my plan when Molly smiled widely.
"I like that," she said, giggling. "Michelle, you're one wicked girl."
"So are you," I smiled, opening the door. "Now we go out to hide our faces." We went downstairs into the kitchen to tell them to lend us money to buy our halloween costumes. 
"What are you girls going to dress up for?" Mother said. 
While opening the front door, I turn towards her," It's a surprise....mother." I shut the door behind me. Molly eyes widen with a terrific smile on her face. With her help, I can manage to accomplish and in the end, she's good as dead with the rest of the family. 

October 31 
The day has finally come. Molly shook me with excitement.
"Today's the day Michelle," said Molly, clapping her hands and dancing around in circles. I sat up watching her pathetic self. I can feel the excitement also but mines is much, much more gruesome than hers. She won't imagine how my mind is twisted. I could kill her right now and while the others are still asleep and burn the house down but it's too simple. I want something more fun. 
"I'm thirsty," I said. "For blood." Molly stopped dancing around.
"You read my mind, Michelle," she giggled.
I grab some clothes and head into the shower. When I finished, I suddenly had a pain on the right side of my head, kinda like a pinch. I looked down at my shivering hands. In the mirror, I see myself a totally different person, like I were a monster. Am I really thinking of that? I quickly got dressed and went to eat breakfast. Everyone had ate. Alone–like always. I turn my head slowly where my mother, Zach, and Molly were, laughing and enjoying themselves. Molly isn't the type of girl who wants to kill. I wonder..

October 31, 8: 43 p.m.

Molly and I wore a everything black as usual; hoodie, shoes, skinny jeans. I bought a pig mask and Molly just painted her face doll-like, bought a blonde, curly wig hair and sclera eye contact lenses, making her eyes more deadly and wicked. Molly changed her mind, instead she wore a white and black lolita dress. I agreed and it suits her perfectly. I grab my backpack, putting my mask inside. I had put a hammer, a kitchen knife, and an axe but I hid it under the porch. We walked down the stairs. Mother came out of the living room and laughed.
"How adorable," she squealed. "Stay there. I'll get my camera." My father and Zach peeked and just stared at us.
"Molly. Michelle," said Zach. "Have fun!" Zach made a two thumbs up. My father didn't bother to say anything. I grew more hatred and gripped my hand.
"Okay girls, say cheese." The camera flashed, blinding my eyes. "Michelle, sweetie, why didn't paint your face?" I stared at her with my hateful eyes.
"I didn't feel like it, mother." I walk pass her, opening the door. She didn't say anything back. It makes me more angry! I wanted to! So bad! No..stick to the plan. I'll have my chances soon enough. 

I looked at my watch. It's already 8:20 P.M. Molly and I sneaked around the house. We heard loud noises. I peeked in the window. My parents and Zach are arguing at each other.
"No one's around. Seems the neighbors left early." Turning to Molly, nervous. "Go in the back door. Make sure you lock it."
"I'll go with my father first. That's the signal." I handed Molly the kitchen knife. She turned and disappeared. As I watch her go in quietly, locking the door behind, everybody stopped and looked at her. She pushed my mother and father away, she hugged Zach and stabbed him several times. I quickly cut the power off and rushed towards the front porch to grab the axe I hid. I put on my pig mask, quietly opening the door and locking it.
"Z-Zach!!" Mother cried. My mother was in her knees sobbing. My father hadn't move a muscle. I yanked my mother's hair. "WHY!!" She screamed.
"Why?" I replied. "Because you abandon me!" I slammed her face against the coffee table. "YOU LEFT ME WITH THIS BASTARD! WHO DOESN'T CARES ABOUT ME!!" I roared. I turn to that bastard. Crying on his knees, begging for mercy.
"P-please..we can make this up," he cried heavily. I grab him by the neck. "NO PLEASE MICHELLE—
"SHUT UP!!" I shouted angrily. I pushed him down. He saw me grabbing my axe. Molly was beside my mother, weeping, holding her hair so she won't run away.
"Michelle what are you doing?" He panicked. "NO! MICHE—AAGGHHH!" He screamed in pain. I chopped he left leg into three pieces.
"Go on, do it," Molly smiled widely. I turn my head sideways, watching my own father suffer. He tried reaching his cell phone beside the television but I pushed it away with my axe.
"M-Michelle..l-listen..." His voice trembled. I didn't bother to listen to what he's about to say. I slowly raised my axe, holding it with both of my hands and quickly chopped his other leg. His screams sounded like music to me. I couldn't stop laughing. This was to great! I felt more happier than ever!

Chop! Chop! Chop!

"Father you made a big mess," I laughed. "Mother, I'll help clean it for you." I dropped the axe on the floor, grabbing the pieces of my father's chopped legs, smacking it against the wall. I ripped the skin and muscles, trying to get the bones out. "Molly, your father is still moving." I went to fetch my axe and gave it to Molly. "Finish him off." She smiled and nodded. I sat beside my mother, all scared and crying. "You will love this." I made her watch Molly swing the axe.
"Zach!" She cried out. Molly over did it but it was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing. She chopped his whole body into tiny bits! She even drop the axe and started smashing the pieces with her feet. Molly threw me the large intestine and put it around my mother's neck like a scarf and put the rest inside her mouth.
"Molly give me your knife," she toss me to it and stab my mother. She made a loud moaning sound. "Don't you know what day it is, besides halloween?" She shook her head. "No? How sad." I sliced her stomach open, letting the blood gush out. I watched her twitch on the floor. I stood up, Molly pointed at my father, still trying to reach his cell phone. I let myself fall on my knees, lifting his head up. "In you go!" I giggled, enjoying myself cutting his head off.


The knife broke because of the bone. I reach inside to break it with my bare hands. While I stand up, I showed Molly my father's head. I swing his head around, making the blood rain everywhere in the house and toss it across the kitchen floor.
"We did it, Michelle!" Molly cheered. I stared at her costume, all covered in blood. She even made footprints out of blood when she was dancing around Zach's body parts. "Aren't you happy?" She asked. I reached in my pocket. As I walked closer to Molly, she open her arms to hug me. I halted when she ran towards me. I swung my arm, slicing her throat. Molly twirled, painting the walls red and ooze down. I kicked her in the living room with rest.
"Now I'm happy, thanks to you. This was the best birthday I ever had." I threw a bucket of oil, where I also hid it inside a cabinet, dropping the lighter on the floor. I walked out of the house, letting my home burn, and into the darkness I disappeared.

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