Blog #1: Immature Adults

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Just something that's been weighing on my mind lately.

Submitted: December 25, 2011

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Submitted: December 25, 2011




I’ve never been good at introductions. I could never come up with catchy and moving sentences. I’m more of the Just-To-The-Point kinda person. Well, there’s my introduction I guess. Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

I know everyone has probably figured out from my previous writing that I’m an eighteen year old girl. So I don't want this to come off as adolescent anger and rebellion. This is merely my observation of others stupid actions. Sorry to be so harsh but I always thought a little bluntness never hurt anyone (except maybe the target of the bluntness.) Also, just want to get this out there: I am not a parent hater. Okay, now I'm good.

Let's take a little field trip together and go back to 1960. Back when frizzy hair was a good thing and cat-eye glasses were cool. Another thing that was cool? Being a good parent. Taking responsibility for your actions and taking care of your family. But just like the cat eye glasses and Elvis, that has died out. Now it's a life full of meaningless sex and finding ways to get out of responsibility. It's a life filled with pregnancy test followed by "Oh thank God!" (yes, it's because of Him that you can continue to avoid responsibility) and midnight condom runs to the closest Wal-Greens. So as you can imagine I love being titled as "today's generation." (Being sarcastic, by the way.)

I'm not living in the past (especially since my past is only shy of two decades long), I'm just frustrated at the way things are today. It's like humans are incapable of realizing that their actions affect others. That "thing" you created is not a pawn you can use to get free cash grant and food stamps so you'll never have to work, not that you even know what work is, it's not something you can use to bargain with so you can live off your parents for free because you know they'd never say no to their grandchild, and it's certainly not something you get to control (to think you can control a teenager, you must be crazy.)

This is a gift you've been given. Something God takes seriously and so should you. The way you act can affect the child forever. It affects the way they relate with others, how they treat someone of the opposite sex, their emotional welfare, and even the way they take care of themselves. It's like parents don't get it. You can't tell a child their fat or their not special without it affecting them. ("Why are you crying!?" "Because you just told me to jump off a bridge and kill myself" " take things too seriously")

Once something come out you can't take it back. You can't hit a rewind button and undo years of mistreatment. You can't wake up 35 years later wondering where you're child went. You call them up and can't figure out why they won't listen to what you say. Maybe it's because you never listened to what they said.

But you know what, it's okay. So what you're not here now, you were there for the "cute" stage. You saw your baby girl take her first step. You saw your little man say "Mommy" for the first time. You were there when they lost their first tooth and you heard all their cute little mispronunciations. You took them to doctors appointments and dentist appointments. You changed hundreds of dirty diapers and helped him or her get potty trained. You watched her blonde curls grown and saw those big brown eyes look up at you like you were a superhero. So it's okay if you just called them worthless and you're no where to be found.

You were there for the cute things but what do you find now? You're little girl is no longer two, she's sixteen. She's got her own view of the world and your no longer her favorite person. (Guess what, it happens: When you tell them what to do you're automatically the bad guy.) Since you don't know how to take the fact that they have their own views, you try to change them. When that doesn't work you do what you do best, you retreat.

I am so sick of all the adults avoiding responsibility. It makes me sick. When they do that it takes away the childhood from the child. Can they have sleepovers or play-dates? No because they have to clean the house and learn how to cook. Can they go to the mall to hang out? No because they have to find a job so they can pay all of your bills. And what happens when they don't do those things? They get to hear things like these: "I wish I'd never had you! " or "You're worthless!"

I have an amazing mom and an amazing brother who helped me get through things. I'm grateful to say that not all these things I wrote about were from personal experience. But they do happen because I've seen them happen to people I love. All I have to say to those people who have hurt my friends is this (well the cleaned up version, anyway): GROW UP.

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