Voice In My Head

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Kind of a dark poem :)

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011



You are the one person

I can count on

There whether I want it

Or not

You always make yourself

At home

Always say what you want

No matter the consequences

The other day I almost felt pretty but

You caught me and showed me

I'm not

"Why feel good about yourself

You're worthless"

Thank you, you caught me

Just in time

If it hadn't been for you

I might have forgotten my flaws

If it hadn't been for you

I could've felt worthwhile

Thank you for reminding me

You never cease to remind me

He'll never love me back

"He's gone and not coming back"

Thanks, you brought

Me back to reality

I'll go back to my dark corner of loneliness

Thanks for staying but you can leave now

Just come by once in a while to put

Me in my place

I cannot get rid of this

Voice in my head

But everyone else has left

So I guess I'll keep

The voice in my head

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