One cut

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i went through some hard times...i would deal with my pain in a very unhealthy way and i got help for it and i wrote this poem after i had gotten out of Richard Young

Submitted: February 13, 2009

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Submitted: February 13, 2009



One cut

that is all it takes for the pain to disappear

but just like a magic trick

whatever disappears must reappear also

so just one more cut

I will feel better.....

For a minute or two maybe even a day or so

but the scar is there to taunt me

to remind me of my mistake

one cut is what you think at first

than another.....

And soon after one more

then it becomes addicting

part of everyday life

it gets to the point that you don’t even realize what you are doing

you get use to the pain

seeing the blood

sooner then you know you start to do anything possible

just to hurt physically

so that you don’t hurt mentally

but just with one cut

your pain will never go away

nothing changes

not even all the physical pain in the world

could take the mental pain away

with one cut you hurt yourself more than before

so one cut

so isn’t worth the pain after

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