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You may be wondering why I am posting unfinished stories, the truth is that many of them were very good ideas, but perhaps it just wasn't for me, thats why I haven't finished them. The other reason is that I want to know what people think of my original writing, sometimes I think my writing is rubbish, but when people read them they sometimes suprise and me and tell me it's really good. It gives me a lot more confidence and it makes me want to write some more! :)

So here are some of the stories that I have started but haven't yet finished. They are good! Or at least I think so! I'll let you decide for yourself! :)
I have put these stories into the 'Romance' genre as most of them will have romance later on (I was planning to) in the story.

I would appreciate any feedback! I don't mind constructive criticism!

Thank you! :)
Love Michelle

Runaway to Stardom (the story in which I have done a couple of chapters)

Wookey (Tempory Name)

Crossing the Forbidden Boundaries

The Ghost of Me

As she walked down the empty barren corridor (a Harry Potter TT made by my friend and I)

Submitted: February 24, 2009

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Submitted: February 24, 2009



Wookey (Temporary name) - Chapter 1 (unfinished)

‘Can I sit here?’ I looked up from my magazine and swallowed my mouthful of jacket potato, to see a young guy around my age looking down at me, his mid-length blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and thin pale pink lips instantly reminding me of the guy in the Bon Jovi video ‘Always’.
I looked around me, all the tables were empty apart from one, where an older couple sat, I turned back to him and looked at him weirdly. I then said, ‘Sure’.
I went back to my jacket potato and concentrated on reading the magazine article about how to get the perfect summer tan, but however much I tried, I kept on reading the same line over and over again. I could feel his gaze on me.
After awhile I got sick of this so I looked up and asked him his name.
‘Sean’ he replied. I smiled just to be polite. I went back to the article.
Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to get your tan on. Read on to find out how you can transform yourself into a bronze sun goddess that you really are.
Huh, this is going to be difficult.
Step 1: Exfoliate!
Your skin needs to be in its best shape prior to self tanner, especially if you want to achieve an even application. By exfoliating the skin, you are –
‘Have I seen you around here before?’ Sean is saying to me.
‘Most likely.’ I say back.
‘I just recognise your face from somewhere’. I hate to point out that this was because of the other day when I caught him staring at me as I was walking back to the caf
‘Maybe I just have one of those faces.’
‘Hmm… I guess so, I mean, you are pretty cute!’
Whoa! Slow down there chuck! Me? Pretty?
I smiled. ‘Thanks’. I looked down at the page in front of me, not really focusing on it; I then licked my lips while thinking thoughtfully. I looked back up at him. ‘I just moved here.’ I said. He looked at me then, interested. ‘I guess you may have also seen me from around a year ago when we visited here on holiday? When I first saw you I recognised you too. Now I know why. I was coming out of the Wookey Hole gift shop and you were sat on the opposite wall. Our eyes met for a second and then – well, I didn’t want to get your attention really.’ He smiled.
‘Well, I’m glad you’ve moved here. Maybe I can take you around for a tour sometime?’ He smiled hopefully. I smiled back.
‘Of course, just drop by here anytime,’ I meant the caf ‘and let me know’. He smiled one last time and said ‘I will’, then got up from his chair and left. I continued to look at him before picking up my plate and magazine and going back inside to the caf
‘What was that about?’ my mum asked as I entered and headed for the till.
‘Nothing really,’ and I was telling the truth for a change.
‘Uh-huh,’ my mum said not believing me; I swear she needs to trust me more! ‘Well, he likes you, really likes you.’
Oh jeez, how embarrassing! ‘Whatever.’ I said. Lucky I was saved from the antagonizing as some customers came into the caf
‘You better watch out kiddo,’ my mum continued, as I scooped a dollop of ice-cream into a cone for the customer, ‘he looks like a badd’n!’
‘He may look like one, but he might not be, don’t let looks be so deceiving!’
‘Just watch out!’
I handed the ice-cream over to the customer, and then took of my apron.
‘Where do you think you’re going?’ My mum questioned.
‘Home, its closing time.’ I pointed at my watch, ‘and it seems like there won’t be any more customers today, it seems pretty quiet now, and the last of the Wookey Hole tour has left.’ I made my way to the door, and then closed it.
I looked around, it was very quiet here, and it was completely different to my life in the city, I kind of missed the sound of the morning traffic, and the shouts of laughter from the kids going to school in the morning. I sighed. I knew I wouldn’t get used to the life in the country.
I crossed the road and turned left, and then just followed the road straight until I reached my Georgian country home. I took out my key and opened the lock.
When I was inside, I made my way up the oak staircase, and to my room on the far left. I closed my door, and jumped flat on my bed.
I lay there, and closed my eyes. I must have laid there for ages. I heard my mum come in through the front door, and heard her going into the kitchen, I then heard my dad come in too, and I heard him greet my mum, I then heard him switch on the downstairs TV. I did not hear anything else after that.
I woke up the next morning with my stomach rumbling. I groaned, and made myself get up, I was still in the clothes that I had worn yesterday.
I slipped out of these clothes and made my way to the bathroom, I then went into the shower, and then got out. I felt very clean. I wrapped the towel around me and made my way to my bedroom, as I did so, my heart sunk.
It was the first day of school today.
So instead of putting on my own clothes, I put on my new school uniform instead, which consisted of a white blouse and navy tie with dark green diagonal stripes on it, and a navy blazer with the school logo on it. You could wear the uniform with black trousers, or, for the girls, a black skirt. I choose to wear the black trousers as it was quite cold outside.
I dried my curly blonde hair as quick as I could, and then put it up in a clip, so the fuzzy mess was less obvious. I then went downstairs.
‘Ah! Doesn’t she look just adorable in that uniform?’ My mum said to my dad as I entered the kitchen. I cursed inside my head.
‘Get the camera out! We have to take a picture!’ This was traditional to do if I started school, or in the case another school, or if I had to get dressed up for an occasion. I cursed again.
‘Come on! Smile’ my mum said as I stood against the wall. I forced a smile, and heard the camera go click. I moved to get my breakfast.
‘Another one!’ I groaned again and made my way back to the wall. After the photo had been taken, I managed to get my breakfast.
I tried ignoring my mums comments about how I looked so smart, and grown up, and concentrated on getting my breakfast finished and getting out of there.
When I finally finished, I went into the living room and looked out of the window to see if the school bus had arrived. It hadn’t.
This was another thing about living in the country, I had to take a school bus to get me into the nearest town that had a school, back in the city it was only a 15 minute walk to school.
I heard an engine, and then saw the school bus come around the corner. It was how I imagined, a bright yellow thing that said ‘School Bus’ and could be seen from miles! I groaned, why? Why?
I picked up my bag, and headed to the door. I shouted bye to my parents, and they insisted on taking photos as I entered the bus, I ran as quick as I could so they couldn’t and climbed onto the bus.
I stopped, and looked around. It was pretty scary, I didn’t know any of these people, and I always found it hard to speak to somebody new. I moved my way forwards.
I finally found a window seat, where nobody was sitting beside me. I could feel people’s gazes on me, and was pretty sure that the person laughing was laughing at me. I tried to ignore it, but couldn’t, I felt a lonely tear falling down my cheek as I pressed my face against the window.
The journey to the school had to have been the longest journey of my life. When the bus stopped, I waited until everybody else had got off before I did.

When I stepped off the bus, I looked up at the building in front of me. Ok, it didn’t have many floors to the building, like my old school had, but it had more blocks across the ground then my old school had. I wished I was dead.

I moved silently through the school gates, and tried to block out the people staring at me.


Crossing the forbidden boundaries - Chapter 1 (unfinished)

“Jayne! Jayne!” I heard young Adam bellow in terror.
“What is the problem?” I asked over the descending voices in the room, trying to locate where his voice was coming from.
“Lilly!” He said as he darted through the living room door, “she’s fell! Come quickly!”
I didn’t need to be told twice. I loped up those two hundred year old oak staircase, like I’ve never ran up them before. Missing at least two steps every time, until I finally arrived at the top.
“Through here, miss,” Adam said in his minute voice, directing me to a door on my right, I opened it.
There was little Lilly, on the floor, on conscious.
“I’ll stay here, and see what I can do, go and inform her father, he should be heading towards the dining room by now. GO!” He did as I asked.
I put little Lilly into the recovery position, trying not to hurt her even more in the process. “Come on Lilly! Come and wake up!” I asked her, tears coming to my eyes.
I looked down at her, at her form lying on the floor.
Poor Lilly.
Poor kid.
Lilly was a cripple, her legs couldn’t keep her up, they were deformed. If anyone dared laugh at her in the street at her disability, they would have me and her father to answer too. Plus her dad’s friends and family, plus my family. She was the nicest girl ever! She didn’t deserve this treatment from people.
I heard footsteps approaching, but was concentrating on her to take any notice.
“Lilly! Lilly!” I heard her father shout in panic. He knelt by me on the floor.
“What happened?” He asked me in fright.
“I’m not sure, I wasn’t there. All I know is that she fell.”
“Come on Lilly, come wake. Please?” He sobbed through tears, holding her.
“John, you have to let go of her, you know what the doctors said.” I told him, putting one hand on his shoulder, comfortingly.
“What do they know?” He asked through clenched teeth.
“A great deal more than we know! We have to call them, call an ambulance. They’ll know what to do!” I said reassuringly.
“They won’t come.” He said rashly.
I sighed.
“They won’t! And you know it!” He said ruthlessly. And I did, know it.
“Well what are we meant to do?’ I asked, tears flowing down my cheek much heavily know.
“We wait, until she wakes.”
He turned towards me, giving a sympathetic look, and then put his arms around me. I put my head on his shoulder.
A few more minutes passed.
“It’s incredibly hot in here.’ I said, “Maybe she’s boiling, I should cool her, should I?”
John mumbled, and then nodded.
I unwrapped myself from his grasp, and headed towards the drawer, where a fan was situated on the top. I picked it up, turned round, and headed towards Lilly. I bent down and started flapping the fan gently.
“Come on Lilly, wake! Don’t leave me with your father! He’s an annoying little thing!” I said jokingly, he gave a weak chuckle.
“Yes, don’t leave me with her, she bully’s me!” He said with a play on tone.
“Aw… are you a little woosie woosie?!” I asked facing him, he glared at me.
“Ooo…. Not very nice are we?” I said as I glared back at him.
“Oh! Will you two just stop it!!!”
John and I turned in hope. And there she was, her child form looking up at us with her crystal blue eyes just like her fathers.
“Lilly! I’m so glad you’re ok! You made me panic there.” John said while lifting her up carefully into an embrace.
I smiled, looking at the scene in front of me.
I began to get up, and then headed towards the door to let them have a father and daughter moment, but I didn’t get unnoticed.
“Jayne! Stay, please?” Asked Lilly.
I turned, “Erm… I think you should have a, erm, father and daughter moment.” I said a little bit embarrassed.
“Don’t be silly! Come over here!” She said, excited. I paced forward towards her.
“We better get you in bed.” I said to her. I looked at her father, he nodded.
“But I don’t want to go to bed yet!” She moaned.
“Shh… shh.” I moved my hand through her hair, “you’ve had quite a night, little miss, and you need to be up in the morning, remember I’m taking you to see a film. I’ll read you a bedtime story if you like?”
She smiled very radiantly. I smiled back; she has a really nice smile, even if you were really sad that smile would suddenly make you feel happy. “Ok.” She said, finally.
“Your stories must be brilliant, Jayne, if she loves them this much not to argue.” John beamed at me.
“Come on then, little one! We must get you changed.”
It took about three minutes to get her changed; it had become a lot quicker with practice.
Both John and I had to carry her carefully to place her in bed.
Of a total of five minutes, we had finished. Lilly quickly told her father to go away so she could here more of my fabulous ‘stories’.
‘I thought we would never get rid of him!’ Lilly said to me. “Now, tell me some gossip! What’s been happening in your life? Any boys?”
“Well, there’s one whose really, really cute, but I could never fancy him!” I told her. She looked at me, wanting more information. I carried on, “He’s really tall, dark blonde spiky hair, gorgeous, gorgeous sky blue eyes, quite thin pinky lips, aw… he’s heaven! Quite muscular too!” She smiled. “Don’t look at me like that!”
“Have you talked to him?” She asked?
“A little, there’s not much to talk about, we’re completely different!”
“Aw…” she said sympathetically, “You know, I hope someday you fall in love with someone that you will be with forever, you deserve it!”

It was so weird hearing this from a six year old.


As she walked down the empty barren corridor - Chapter 1

As she walked down the empty, barren corridor, herself being solitary and quiet, her mind also began to wander as she came to the spot that would lead her to sanctuary. She paced back and forth down the same stretch of corridor in front of a thread-bare piece of long tapestry, thinking of the same thing over and over again.
Once she had passed by the bare wall to the other side of her three times, she stopped and looked towards the wall. There was now a heavy black wooden door in front of her of which she stepped forward to. She placed her hand upon the black, steel handle and sighed. Then she pushed it open, not even bothering to look around her in case anybody had happened to approach her as she was pacing, or if anybody had come behind her as she opened the door. She stepped inside, hesitantly…
When she stepped in, the coldness swept over her like a gale force wind had shrouded her entire body. She closed the door behind her and when she did, the room lit up with floating candles above her. This was not how the room had been the last time she had entered it.
Inside was empty and dark, just like the corridor outside, apart from the floating candles above. Her footsteps echoed off the surrounding stone walls as she walked to the centre of the room. When she got there, she kneeled down upon the cold, hard floor and shuddered violently, like someone had walked over her grave.
In front of her now was a small leather-bound book, red in colour with a crest embedded upon the front and a weathered-away name down the spine. She picked it up and held it to her chest like a mother would her baby; a tear fell silently down her cheek.
She quickly wiped it away, thinking herself foolish for acting so cowardly. She knew this had to be done, now or never at all. She flicked open a few pages, all of which had been written on in different handwriting and some even displaying images of people, of whom she could not resist but touching in order to feel some contact with them.
There was a sudden bang from outside the room, which made her drop the book and it land with the open pages face down, the spin bending like it had broke its back from the impact of the bang.
She retrieved the book and found the page she was looking for. She removed something from the inside of her black robe of which she was wearing and placed it on the page; she then closed the book, but the slip of something fell out of the page and floated dreamily to the floor.
She picked it up and stared at it for a long time, her eyes shaking as tears overwhelmed her as past memories flooded back to her from the back of her mind. She had crumbled in the thick of it all, and now she had to do something about it. Not even the people who she loved and cared about so much knew what she was about to do, for they were long gone by now…
Another bang hit full force against the door. She was not fazed by it this time and carried on staring downwards. She replaced it back in the book and then closed it, locking it down with an incantation from her wand. She then lay her wand down by the side of the book; she then stood up and faced the door of which enclosed her in from the outside world.
‘Come and get me if I mean so much to you…’ she whispered violently to herself, her mouth hardly moving at all, and the tears still silently escaping her eyes.
Suddenly, the door was smashed right off its hinges; her thoughts and feelings that had gone into the room had vanished and all that was left of it was a huge hole of blackness; the book and her wand had disappeared from sight altogether.
‘Here she is, sir. We’ve found her!’
‘Come here, Mudblood!’
She didn’t know who the voices belonged to and she didn’t want to obey their commands, but she had no choice. Her whole body was contracted in some vice-like grip and she was dragged towards the door and into the dim light of the corridor, masked beings all around her.
‘You know what we’re here for, Mudblood. Where is the book?’ one of the masked figures asked of her, his wand directly pointing at her throat, jabbing it painfully.
‘I don’t know,’ she replied with feebly. ‘When you came in, it disappeared from the room, along with my wand…’
They snickered evilly and grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her down to the floor. Her head smacked off the floor and she was knocked into unconscious only to hear one of the men shout the Imperious Curse in her direction.
Her mind and her body became limp with ease as she drifted off in the unconsciousness; her spirit was in ease as she couldn’t tell what she would be made to do, but she knew that she had done the right thing…

She had not died as herself, but she knew that Hermione Granger would have never lived on otherwise…



Runaway to Stardom - Chapter 1

Oh, why did I come to this place?


Runaway to Stardom - Chapter 2

That night I didn’t get any sleep at all, the sounds of sirens continued throughout the night.
The chilling air snaking itself around my body, the dirty mound of the earth below myself, and the panic in my mind made me shake uncontrollably with fear.
The sun peaked over the surface of the horizon at six thirty, the rays shining brightly through the gray masked cloud, a little of the powder blue sky peeping itself through.
I crammed away my sleeping bag, and instead took out another hoodie, I then put my coat on top of that, and it made me warmer, but not warm enough.
I walked most of the day, mainly trying to find another place to sleep tonight, somewhere safer, but I didn’t seem to cross anywhere.
I reached into my haversack and pulled out a sandwich which I had packed the night before, I only took out one though as I would be needing to eat something later. I then sat myself on a bench.
As I nibbled away at my sandwich I was thinking how I could make money to live on? What could I do? I could always use the money that I had with me to buy those flowers off people who sold them, and if I made profit then I could use the profit to live on and the rest to buy some more off them, and would keep doing that. But really, how many people actually buy those things? Whenever a person came up to me with them it got annoying, and I think many people agree.
I continued nibbling away with my sandwich and racked my brains for a possible solution; I didn’t come up with anything.
After finishing my sandwich I decided to walk towards The Tower of London. Yes it was on the outskirts of London but I had all day, I wasn’t exactly in a hurry.
When I arrived, I settled down on Bank Side next to the River Thames, with London Bridge over to the east of it, and decided I would stay there for the night.
I re-opened my haversack and pulled out my sleeping bag. The night air was starting to come a bit chillier, so I wrapped my sleeping bag around me tight.
After awhile I heard footsteps, I looked up and saw a group containing one female and two males, they were all wearing jeans, I noticed the female had dark blonde hair, like me, and green eyes, she was wearing a long khaki coat. The two males, one of which had dark hair sweeping over his right eye, and the other blonde hair which was spiked at the front, whispered something to the female. She looked over at me and then whispered something back to them. I looked away nervously.
Suddenly the footsteps became closer, my heartbeat increased.
“You can tell that she’s a new’en,” Said the female in a Summerset accent, “That same old look, the look that they all get. Depressed and thinking about going home. She’ll get over it eventually.”
“Aye,” the male with the blonde hair agreed, I noticed his eyes were crystal blue, too nice.
“So aren’t you going to ask her her name?” asked the male with the dark hair, he was from Liverpool, I gathered.
“You ask her!” contorted the female.
“Oh, alright! What’s your name then?” he asked me.
I managed to say something without much fear, surprising myself. “I’m not telling you my name; I don’t even know who you are.”
“Clever, clever. This one will get far.” Said the female.
“I’m Ellie, This is Taylor,” She pointed towards the blonde guy, “and this is Edward,” she pointed towards the guy with the dark hair, “we’re out on the streets too. A year we have. It gets quite easy after a while, once you know what you’re doing. Come with us.”
“How do I know if I can trust you?” I asked. Edward sighed.
“You don’t. But can I tell you one thing? We have this motto with the rest of people on the streets, that we all help and stick with each other, or none of us survives. It’s a pretty strong motto really when you’re out here on the streets. So we’re willing to help you, if you help us.” He said.
“If I help you?” I caught the last bit particularly, “what is that suggesting?”
This time Taylor sighed. “It means what he’s just said, we all stick together in this thing, if we help you survive, you help us survive.”
I sighed. Should I trust these people? Will they really help me? Will I end up being killed? Well, to be honest I wouldn’t care less if I got killed or not so what did I have to lose?
“Fine,” I said after considering it for awhile, “but if I do end up being killed by you or anyone else, make sure it’s quick, ok?”
They laughed, “Why would we want to kill you?” I raised an eyebrow.
“Oh.” They finally cottoned on.
“Well done!” I exasperated. “So, where are we going then?”
“This way,” Ellie directed towards the southern direction.
I packed my sleeping bag, and then set to follow the trio.
We had to have been walking for at least three-quarters of an hour before finally stopping at what looked like a run down house. It looked moldy from the outside. Dank and cold, that’s what it looked like.
“Here?” I asked finally. Taylor read my face easily.
“Yes I know it looks awful from the outside but its pretty nice inside. There are still things left over from when it was last occupied.” I looked at him.
“Go on then, go in.” He said.
I made my way down the brick steps and headed toward the black door. As I entered, I finally understood what he meant about things being left over from when it was last occupied. The eighteen hundreds.
I made my way around the rooms and studied each individual item carefully. I came across various things; Oak Gate Leg Table, Mahogany Chippendale Dining Chairs, Pine Dresser, Walnut Fauteuils, Mahogany writing table, Gilt framed mirror, a faux bamboo full sized bed, Durfee Grandfather Clock, a very pretty lamp with large flowering white hydrangea with a white and rose colored background, the list was endless.
“You end up finding more and more stuff as you search throughout the house, there’s always something.” Taylor told me.
I continued my way throughout the room.
“So are you interested in nineteenth Century things?” He asked. I nodded.
“So,” I began, “are there any others who live in here too? I mean, apart from you, Ellie and Edward, of course.”
“There are a few, but we all pop in and out all the time so we hardly see each other. There’s a girl that we call Hallie, and two other boys called Luke and Ethan. They’re all really nice.” I smiled.
“Taylor.” I said after awhile.
He raised an eyebrow, “Yes?”
“Do you want to come with me into the living area? I just want to get to know you more, I mean, I’ll be living with you for awhile, I think, and maybe you can help me as I’m new to all this.”
“Sure.” He smiled. I returned it.
We made our way down the stairs, passing many paintings and mirrors on our way down.
“So, what do you want to know?” He asked when we finally sat down.
“Ok, first of all, how do you guys survive? I mean, how do you get enough food to last?”
“Ah. That’s pretty easy. I mean, I have my acoustic guitar, Ellie has her flute and Edward can make really cool beats by just using his mouth, we all go in different areas and then the money we get, we put together and then buy food and share it.”
“Wow.” I said.
“Do you have any talents?” I shook my head. “Really?” I nodded again. “I don’t believe that. I think you’re someone who’s a great singer. Sing for me please.”
I sighed. “Ready to be tone deaf?”
“I honestly do think you’ll be a good singer. Sing any song.”
I sighed. I then started to sing a Josh Groban song called February song.

“Where has that old friend gone
Lost in a February song
Tell him it won't be long
Til he opens his eyes, opens his eyes
Where is that simple day
Before colors broke into shades
And how did I ever fade
Into this life, into this life”

“And I never want to let you down
Forgive me if I slip away
When all that I've known is lost and found
I promise you I, I'll come back to you one day”
I continued and then finished on the last verse.
“… Where has that old friend gone
Lost in a February song
Tell him it won't be long
Til he opens his eyes
Opens his eyes”
“Wow! Now that was amazing.” He told me. I cringed. “No, really, I mean it.”
We then heard footsteps coming towards us, we both looked up. Ellie and Edward were coming towards us with another girl with dark brown hair, this must have been Hallie.
“Hurry! Luke and Ethan are in trouble!” The girl, who I assumed was Hallie, shouted in panic. “They need our help! Please come, NOW!”
Taylor lifted me up and took hold of my hand and started running towards the door.

As we left the house the cold night air finally hit us like a sharp pain in the chest, I knew then that this was going to be a long night.


Runaway to Stardom - Chapter 3 (unfinished)

“Where are we heading?” I asked in between deep breaths.
“Bear Gardens, I think.” Taylor replied in a pained voice. This place must be bad, I thought.
We continued running for another ten minutes before finally stopping. Taylor was right, we were at Bear Gardens, it looked a little closed off, but there was still at least a couple of caf there.
We walked forward and turned down an alley. It was very grim, cobwebs from top to bottom, fish carcasses scattered all over the floor, making a crunch as you walked on them. Dumpsters were placed all over the alley, the smell was very decayed, I could hear the scattering of mice’s feet crawling out from the dumpsters. It made me itch.
“Luke? Ethan?” whispered Ellie in the dense light.
There was no reply.
An almighty crash made us all jump.
“Was that any of you?” asked Ellie in a panicked voice. We all shook our heads. “Oh my god.”
“It’s going to be ok.” I said in which I hoped was a calming voice. “It’s going to be ok.” I repeated, mainly to convince myself that it was going to be ok. I turned around along with the torch to see if there was anything, or anyone there. There wasn’t.
“So where about is Luke and Ethan?” I asked Hallie.
“They were here when I left them.” She replied, still not sure if she did or not.

“Great, they could be anywhere.” I said annoyed.



Just go ahead, nobody’s watching you; what do you have to fear?
I was walking on the footway alongside the rail track; heading towards platform nine.
If you can just get on without anyone seeing you, then you won’t have to buy a ticket and no one will know that you’ve gone. Well, not until morning anyway.
Once arrived at platform nine, I took a deep breath and stepped up towards the platform leading onto the train. Once on the train, I headed towards the back and sat furthest away from the window as possible. I still had my black, extensive coat zipped right up to the top; and my head fully covered by the hood. I would not, of course take this down until fully out of Darlington Station.
While waiting for the train to take off, I opened my duffel bag and made sure I had everything I needed, as for that I would not be returning for quite awhile.
Hoodie, black long sleeved top, trousers, umbrella, pullover, eight-hundred pounds, mp3, song lyrics… check. The list was endless.
I had a reason, of course, for all these things that I had in my duffel bag. I was, as you may have guessed, running away. Running away from this mad place in which they call ‘home’.
As the train was leaving the platform, and heading out towards the cold, damp night air, I recalled the events of that previous night.
“What! I can’t believe this! First of all you treat me like shit my whole life, and now I find out that you’re not my real parents! Why is my life so fucked up! Why can’t I be a normal kid! I just want to be loved by parents and have a nice sibling that I can mess about with, and have really nice friends, and I don’t have any of those! Do you know where my parents are? My real parents? TELL ME! I DEMAND TO KNOW!” I was so frustrated! How could they keep this secret from me for 14 years? I mean, what happened when I was little to end up not having any parents? Well, any that I know of.
“Calm down! Just calm down!” my ‘mother’ said to me.
“No, I will not fucking calm down! Now tell me!”
“Don’t swear!” screamed my ‘father’.
“I will fucking swear if I fucking want to! Remember you’re not my real parents so technically I don’t have to listen to you both! I mean, I shouldn’t listen to you anyway because my whole life you have beaten the crap out of me! You both are such arseholes! I should have reported you to the police ages ago!”
“No, you shouldn’t really because we have a put a roof over your head, so you should be grateful that you weren’t stuck in an orphanage all your life! You were always an ungrateful, little child.” My father spat this latter part.
“Grateful! To be honest I would rather have lived in an orphanage then go through a life of hell with you! Or died! Either one sounds good!”
“You ungrateful, little bitch!’ I ducked, I knew what was going to happen next seconds before it did. I heard an almighty clatter as the vase collided with the wall.
“Oh my god! I’m so sick of this! I’m going!” So I ended up running up the stairs and ran into my bedroom and locked the door behind me. I then went and hid under the duvet, and surprisingly no tears came, just anger.
I screamed into the bed sheets for what seemed like ages, before I finally shut up and turned round to face the wall. That’s when I decided I was going to run away. I would wait until those two had gone to bed and make sure that they were fully asleep and then I would pack and make my way to the station, and set out onto a journey to find my parents, and if that meant being homeless for awhile then fair does.
So now I’m here, making my way down to London, which I don’t have a clue why I chose to go here, probably just through pure instinct, although, I must be mad as it is probably the most dangerous place to be. But, I suppose it is better than being stuck at Carrie and Jims (supposed parents) place.
“Kings Cross Station! Kings Cross Station! Last stop!”
I awoke with a start. I must have been asleep for hours.
I grabbed hold of my duffel bag and headed towards the exit.
“Excuse me Miss! Excuse me Miss!” I ignored the voice, surely they wouldn’t be talking to me. “Miss, the girl with the duffel bag, excuse me.” I sighed, finally I turned around, still my hood fully over my head. “I didn’t want to disturb you when you were asleep so I thought I would wait until you were awake Miss, but I need to see your ticket Miss.” My ticket?
“Oh. Sorry sir, I’m afraid I’ve lost it, I think I remember putting it somewhere in my bag, I will just look for it.”
“It’s ok Miss, I believe you,” He smiled. I smiled back just to be polite.
“Do you work on this train?” I asked. He nodded. “I’ve always wanted to work on trains, you get to go everywhere in the country.”
“Well,” said the man, “When you’re old enough just come and find me and I’ll make sure you get a job.” I nodded and thanked him.
When I got off the train it was like I was in a different world. The air was so humid unlike the nice fresh air up in the north, even in towns it smelt fresh.
I made my way out of the station and then thought of where I should I go. I hadn’t thought what to do when I got to this point so I just purely made it up as I went along.
I walked around for hours on end until it seemed at least four o’clock in the morning. I thought I had better settle down for the night. So I took out my sleeping bag which was one of those that came with a bag which was handy, it didn’t take up that much room. I then settled myself down outside a shop window. Even though I was tired I still couldn’t sleep, it was so scary being out there with no one except you. What if I was attacked?

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