My Uprising to Fame (a Jonas Brothers Fan Fiction)

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Sophie has always dreamt big, and when her dream comes true, it lands her on the UK's favourite tea-time chat show, The Paul O'Grady Show. But when she suddenly becomes a very close friend to one of Disneys biggest superstars, her dream world becomes a living hell. Will she get her life in order before the paparrazi and the weight of fame becomes too much? There's only one way to find out!

Submitted: January 07, 2009

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Submitted: January 07, 2009



Chapter 1

I really couldn’t believe my luck! My mum was right! If I set my mind to something, I could actually achieve my goal, and look at me now, sitting backstage at the Paul O’Grady show, about to go live on air within a few seconds to promote my book, MY FIRST EVER BOOK, at the young age of 16. I was already a star in my home country, England, and now I would be promoting my work all across the world! The feeling is amazing!

‘You’ll be live in 10 seconds’ I heard somebody say.
Oh my gosh, this is unreal, these things just don’t happen!
‘Live, in five, four, three, two, one, go!’
I walked from behind the stage to where the audience were, and gave them my biggest smile I could. I can’t believe this!
I felt a hand on mine, and turned around to see Mr Paul O’Grady himself! ‘Nice to see you!’ he said to me in his famous scouse accent. ‘Take a seat, take a seat!’
I moved over to the couch and saw his other guests, and an even greater smile spread across my face.
‘Hi!’ I said as I shook Kevin’s hand, ‘Nice to meet you!’ He smiled and returned the phrase back to me, I then shook Joe’s hand and he gave me a kiss on the cheek, it was the same for Nick too.
‘So how are you misses!’ Paul asked as I sat down onto the famous sofa.
‘I’m good,’ I said, ‘Even better than good, fantastic! Everything’s just in a blur at the moment; I can’t believe all of this is happening to me! I mean, I’m on your show! I’ve always watched your show every single night when I come in from school, and now I’m on it, I can’t believe it!’ I said my voice sounding very excited. Paul laughed.
‘You’ve answered my first question then!’ He laughed again, ‘It must be very weird for you, just coming into the spotlight at such a young age, I know these boys have managed to do it, but they’ve had time to adjust to fame, you haven’t, it’s just kind of been thrown at you.’
‘I wouldn’t exactly call me famous,’ I said with an anxious expression, ‘but it is crazy the life I have now, I’m used to sitting down doing absolutely nothing, and now I’m out most nights of the week doing book signings around the country, I haven’t done as much travelling in my whole life! It’s crazy!’
‘Yeah, I know what you mean. So how did you get the idea for this book?’
‘Well I was just laid out on my bed one day thinking about the things that had happened in my life, what I wanted to do with my life, my feelings on everything, and because some of the things that I was thinking were so dramatic, I knew I had enough to write story, and then that’s how I got my idea for the book.’
‘I wish I could be like you, you know!’ Paul said, ‘Being able to put pen to paper and knowing what to write, and creating something fabulous as an end product.’
I blushed. ‘Thank you.’
‘Can I just say something?’ Nick asked.
‘Sure.’ Paul said.
‘I was just wanting to ask what you would say to people who would like to write a book and get it published, what tips would you give them?’
‘I would say to never give up and to keep trying. Just because you’ve given up on one story doesn’t mean that you are rubbish, it just means that you haven’t found your genre of a story yet. Also not to rush a story, it will be much, much better with time, and if you get writers block, don’t worry about it, take time out and enjoy yourself, go out with your friends, go and visit places, it’s in the most normal and unusual situations that you get your ideas from. For example I’ve just been sitting in the car looking out the window the scenery helps me find the setting, and from there, a story begins.’ I smiled.
‘Great!’ he said back with a smile, ‘By the way I’ve been reading the book back stage, and I think it’s awesome! It’s really funny!’
‘Oh… just before I forget, Sophie, I have a present for you given by Joyce.’ Paul bent backwards and picked up a tiny box and gave it to me. I laughed.
‘Thanks!’ I smiled.
‘She knows what you’re like for falling over, apparently you’ve tripped so many times today!’
I laughed again, ‘Yep! I am an accident prone!’
‘I’ve heard that you’ve broke your arm so many times that your hospital record is nearly full!’
‘Yep! It’s true! I even broke both arms at the same time once!’
‘You’re even worse than Joe!’ Kevin said.
I laughed, ‘Maybe we can be breaking buddies?’
‘Totally!’ Joe said with a laugh.
‘Well I hope you both look after yourselves and don’t poke anybody’s eyes out as we’ll be playing darts later with the under thirteen national champion! How about that everybody!’ The audience cheered. ‘And also we’ll be reviewing the films out this season, don’t go anywhere, see ya after the break!’
‘And stop!’ said the production manager.
I relaxed, I hadn’t realised I was sitting with my back fully straight, I normally slouch!
‘So your birthday is 17th September then?’ Nick asked. I had the full attention of all the Jonas Brothers boys.
‘Yes it is.’
‘Mine’s 16th September.’ Nick said. ‘How weird is that?’
‘Erm… not that weird.’ I said. ‘Although,’ my voice came a bit higher, ‘it is unfair that you’re older than me, by a day! I wish that I was the older one and then it would make me feel that I had more authority over you!’ I said my mouth becoming a small smile. He laughed.
‘Well, sorry about that, I’ll have to tell my parents off!’ He laughed.
‘You do that!’
‘So which part of England do you come from?’ asked Joe.
‘North East in small town near Newcastle.’ I replied. ‘Newcastle is fab, but my town isn’t!’
‘Not really trying to sell your town is it?’ He replied.
‘Nope! I’m not! Trust me you don’t want to come to my town! Yes, it has decent enough shops, and there is a cinema, but other than that there is not much else to do, and the place is full of either chavs or emos, I prefer the emos. The chavs think their hard, and go around making sheep noises!’ I was saying this in a serious tone, but they couldn’t help laughing.
‘Sheep noises?’ Joe said in between a laugh?
‘Yes, sheep noises, I’ll demonstrate. They go, Meh!!!!’ They laughed.
‘It’s not funny! It’s blooming ridiculous!’ I said.
‘Sorry.’ Nick paused for breath, ‘I can’t help it.’ Cough, cough, cough.
‘Ok, calm down love! Don’t die on me please.’ They all took a few seconds to calm down.
‘So do you like our music then?’ Joe asked.
‘Honestly, no.’ I said keeping a straight face. There faces dropped.
I laughed, ‘I’m kidding! I love your music! I listen to it day and night! I live your music!’ I smiled. Their faces brightened.
‘Good!’ said Kevin, ‘for a second I thought I might have to kill you!’ I tried to refrain from laughing as an image popped into my head from a site that I saw that somebody said they had dreamt about Kevin turning into an alien. Alien and killing go together in my head!
‘Ok, guys, get ready in five, four, three, two, and one!’ The Paul O’Grady introduction music played as we got back into our positions.
‘Hello, and welcome back everyone, I’m joined here by the lovely Sophie who’s the newest writing sensation of this century!’ I smiled and waved into the camera, ‘and I’m also joined by,’ he stopped and sighed, ‘here we go… The Jonas Brothers!!!!’ all the females in the audience gave them a huge cheer. They smiled and waved. ‘Alright! Alright!’ Paul got up from his chair, ‘I’m gonna have to send you all out in a minute if you don’t stop it! I’m not having any bad behaviour here! Lets be havin’ ya!’ Both the Jonas Brothers and I laughed. The cheering died down.
‘Now it’s time for our guests and I to review the latest movie releases. We’ll be reviewing Twilight, The Illusionist, and Camp Rock!’ A huge cheer soared through the studio at the mention of this last movie.
‘You’ll be a little bit bias’ I whispered to the Jonas Brothers. They giggled.
‘So Twilight, which one of you is going to tell me what it’s about?’ Paul asked.
‘I think it would have to be Sophie,’ Kevin offered, ‘I heard her talking about it backstage, she’s a total lunatic with it!’ I punched him playfully in the arm.
‘Well it’s about a 17 year old girl called Bella, who moves to a town called Forkes, where she meets the Cullen family and Edward, a mysterious young boy who ends up saving her life from an out of control car. She becomes obsessed by his good looks and ends up wondering what he is hiding. She later learns that he is a vampire, a vampire who is different to all the other vampires, he’s a good vampire. The film is really romantic, as you get gripped by this romance that is so forbidden it is quite seductive in a way, it makes most young girls dream of falling in love with Edward! If you think it’s going to be a soppy love story, it is, however, it still has a lot of action in it as some evil vampires smell Bella’s blood, and Edward has to try and make her safe again. It’s a really brilliant movie! In my opinion!’ I finished my explanation, ‘was that a good explanation?’ I asked.
‘Yes, very good!’ Paul said. ‘How many stars would you give it out five?’
‘Five out of five! But I am a bit bias; I’m a huge fan of the book!’
‘Boys, how many stars would you give it?’ Paul asked.
‘Three,’ Nick said, ‘It was to ‘soppy’ as she would say’ meaning me, ‘for my liking!’
‘Three, for the same reason as Nick.’
‘Four, I liked the action, and I don’t mind a little romance.’ Aw… bless!
For the Illusionist I gave four out of five starts, the boys gave the same score.
‘And finally, Camp Rock! Now who’s going to explain what it’s about?’
‘Well considering Kevin put me forward for Twilight, I’ll give him the honour of explaining Camp Rock!’ I said with an innocent smile.
‘Fine! Camp Rock is basically about finding yourself and who you really are, and it’s done through a great storyline and amazing songs!’
‘I would give it five out five,’ I said, ‘It wasn’t as cheesy as High School Musical, which is great! And the songs were amazing, and plus it has three cute guys in it!’ I said smiling innocently at the Jonas Brothers. I heard the audience do that thing when you mention to someone you have a crush on them and they do that thing that sounds like ‘Ooo-uh!’ or something like that, anyway.
‘Aw… thanks Sophie!’ Joe said with a wink.
‘Your welcome.’ I winked back!
‘Now! Now! I’m not a dating agency!’ Paul said. ‘Ok, so now it’s time for the final part of the show, we’re going to have a game of darts with the under 13 champion! Let’s hear it for David Walker!’ The music sounded as a little boy of 10 years old came out with his darts instructor. Paul got up to greet him and me and the boys followed.
‘Hello!’ Paul said to David, ‘How long have you been playing darts for?’
‘Three years,’ David said in his adorable little voice.
‘Three years! That’s a very long time!’ Paul said, ‘So do you fancy a game with Sophie and the Jonas Brothers and beat them!’ David nodded his head. ‘It’s the best of two, the highest score wins, ok, you go first David.’
David threw his three darts and got a totally score of eighty.
I moved forward, ‘Oh, I would never be able to get that!’ I said David. I threw my first dart and it landed off the board, ‘Oh dear, I said.’ I threw my second dart and it landed on five. Better. I threw my final dart and it landed on one. My total mark was six, how dismal!
The Jonas Brothers did better, not as well as David. Nick got a total of twenty, Joe got a total of sixteen and Kevin got a total of twenty-four. The next round a got nothing. Zero, Nada. Kevin got ten, Nick got fourteen, and Joe got five. David won by getting sixty.We congratulated him and gave him a trophy before ending the show.
Backstage I got changed back into my normal clothes consisting of skinny jeans, a pink t-shirt and a fantastic hoodie that reminded me of Mika for some reason. It had rainbows and doves and the sun and other bright things on it, it was my best hoodie. I also put on my fab new boots!
I opened the door to get out of the dressing room, but was surprised to see Joe standing there as soon as I opened it.
‘Hi,’ I said.
‘Hi,’ he said back, ‘I was just wondering if you were doing anything today.’
‘Erm…not that I can think of apart from going to see a show later tonight.’ I replied.
‘Oh, ok. How do you fancy hanging around with us to day, to go sightseeing together?’ He was a nervous, which surprised me considering he was a global phenomena, shouldn’t I have been more nervous then him?
‘That will be great, my mum and dad won’t mind.’ I said smiling, as I just saw my mum and dad out of the corner of my eye, my mum gave me the thumbs up, and signalled seven, and pointed to the hotel card. ‘As long as I’m back at the hotel by seven,’ I smiled.
‘Yeah, that’s great.’ He said, and with that, I walked off with him back to his dressing room to meet up with the other guys.

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