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Why abortion is not the women's issue it is made out to be?

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012



I learned a long time ago that I was the master of my own universe and that I alone controlled my body. That is why I cannot figure out why Sandra Fluke and the democrats keep saying that I am not and do not.

As I continue to reflect on the take-aways from last week’s Democratic National Convention, I am continually hounded by a comment shared by a peppy young female delegate, who had been in attendance at Thursday night’s Democratic National Convention. She was asked about her experience as a delegate and more importantly she was asked about the most memorable portion of President Obama’s speech. She responded by saying that the President’s comments on women and “having a choice over our own bodies” stood out most in her mind. Of course, she was referring to THE CHOICE, a woman’s right to an abortion.

For some, THE CHOICE means believing that once that magical moment takes place between a man and woman and conception unintentionally takes place, that the woman has the right to determine if she is going to allow her body to be used as a vessel to develop that life over the next 39 or will she keep her body to herself and terminate the ensuing pregnancy. That is indeed a choice many women have made in their post adolescence years. And if the president has his way, it is a choice women will get make for many years to come.

In fact, it seems this year’s political race could be called the year of choice. At last week’s Democratic National Convention the word “choice” was used 29 times.

From where I stand the real problem is not really whether women are legally allowed to choose THE CHOICE. The real problem is that we are not teaching young women about exercising REAL CHOICE.

Sasha and Malia and all of America’s girls need to hear their mothers and fathers tell them again and again that their ability to make a choice can never be stifled by political legislation. They need to hear their mothers and fathers tell them that they possess the discipline and sinew of a superhero when it comes to “choice about their own bodies.” Tell them. Tell them again and again until their internalize it.

Tell them that women young and old have choice. They have the choice to be smart, real smart. Tell them that they have a choice when it comes to whether or not they put themselves in a situation where a child can even be conceived in the first place. They just need to exercise their power to make a choice to its fullest extent.

We want "choice" for our daughters?Then let's teach them to honor their precious beautiful bodies like glorious temples because that is a choice that a pro-life politician can never take away. They already own it.

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