Michelle's Method: Why Transgender Rights are Not Legitimate

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Why transgender rights threaten the women's movement.

Hello, I would point out there is no national day of morning for the women killed by Marc Lepine
at the Ecole Polytechnique Massacre on December 10, 1989. Nevertheless, biological women who have been fighting for their rights for the past 100 years are expected to claim a 'non-binary man turned woman' as one of their own and mourn the death of one person.
I would point out scientifically and medically that biological sex is based on the arrangement of X and Y chromosomes and not on claims of gender dysphoria. The biological sex of women involves menstruation, breast-feeding, menopause, having a vagina, the natural occurrence of estrogen and progesterone in the body. A biological male claiming to be female is not a woman even if he has gender reassignment surgery. 
Gender reassignment surgery does not turn a biological male into a biological female. It is form of gender discrimination against women for men to claim they have become women due to surgery and then latch onto the women's rights movement. Membership into the Women's Liberation Front is based on biological sex not on gender. Feminism views gender as a social construct.
'Trans gender' people are trying to take that social construct and claim is as their gender, confusing gender with biological sex. No feminist or woman I know of is comfortable with 'trans gender' people claiming to be biological women. Even if they take hormones and get full surgery, they are still not women and should not be granted this status under law. 
I also do not feel that other countries should have to recognize them as such and if countries like Dubai want a birth certificate and passport in the original name and background of the person before letting him or her into the country, that is their right. It is also confusing to the government when someone changes his or her entire biological sex. 
By the way, anyone can put on a skirt, shave their legs, slap on some makeup, and claim to be 'female'. While these characteristics may be considered culturally feminine, they do not make someone a biological woman. Women do not need to shave their legs or slap on makeup to know they are women.
These people then demand access to separate safe spaces and bathrooms for women, thereby violating women's right to be protected from harassment, viewing by the male eye, and the safe environment that is offered to us, particularly young women, who do not wish to see a male penis while changing. 
It is disturbing that these people are being granted to the safe spaces and movements we fought for. By the way, feminists have always welcomed supportive men to be associate members of our group in some cases and believe that men can support women's rights. There is a big difference between a man showing up at a rally and the abuse of women's rights by 'trans gender' people for their own questionable purposes. 
Feminists have always welcomed gays and bisexuals into their movement and supported their rights. I am a big supporter of ending homophobia and supporting gay marriage. When HIV was a big issue, I was very supportive of many organizations that helped these people. Many feminists support the gay civil rights movments and HIV awareness movement and oppose criminalizing their behavior and activities as they do in Russia and under anti-HIV laws in Canada and elsewhere. 
To claim feminists are intolerant is absurd. Many of us also opposed apartheid and support groups like BLM or black feminist groups. I am tired of my and other women's rights being abused for the 'trans gender' movement.
Also, women make up 51 percent of the world's population while 'trans gender' people make up 0.3 to 1.2 percent. By the way, most of these people never get full surgery. Many are pre-operative and are not post-operative. Forty percent of 'trans gender' people who go through gender reassignment surgery regret it. Sixty percent never go through with any or all of it. Twenty percent return to their original biological sex. 
It is ridiculous to spend taxpayer's money on this surgery and doctors who refuse to offer this surgery or treatment are well within their rights to do so. It is also ridiculous that 'trans gender' people become angry when biological men or women do not wish to date them. I have gay and bisexual female friends who also do not wish to date them, and if they date women, they only want to date biological women. I fail to see how this is intolerant when even the gay community does not wish to date or sleep with 'trans gender' people, but if you are a biological woman and/or a feminist, you get in trouble for this view. Very hypocritical. 
I believe I am as entitled to protection, anti-discrimination laws, safe spaces, reproductive rights, etc. as much as anyone else and do not feel my rights should be trampled upon by others in the name of a fringe movements rights. Gender dysphoria is classified as a mental illness for a reason. Please do not compare their 'fight for rights' to the black liberation and female liberation movements out there. They are insulting to their supporters and followers. 
This is not to say that I find it acceptable for anyone to be abusive or harassing to 'trans gender' people. It is unfortunate there is a high HIV and suicide rate, but those circumstances do not really add to the argument that is something we as a society should support. I would prefer treatment were offered to depressed, suicidal people and people with HIV than have those issues linked to the status of 'trans gender' people. If they are suffering mentally, that is more the issue their 'fight for rights'.
Have a day to mourn the death of this woman if you want, but I would protest it for the sake of all the women, millions and millions of women around the world, as well as blacks, gays/bisexuals, victims of HIV, who do not receive help and are victims of jail, unfair laws, HIV, murder, rape, harassment, stalking, genital mutilation, discrimination, kidnapping, missing status, prostitution, hardcore pornography, homelessness, and other abuses. 

Submitted: November 30, 2020

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