Internet Fame

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This is for the millions upon millions of people who have profiles, blogs and webpages online. The majority of whom will never ever have a mass following or a true voice to influence the world. From social networking to incessant texting, the pursuit for internet fame knows no bounds, long may it continue as in the end we are all clowns.

A return to writing on here after over a year.

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



Internet Fame

You want everyone to know your first, middle and last name

You want people to know where you come from as you like to care they give a damn what you think

Your creativity is celebrated you pretend

As your recent activity is highlighted to no end

Meticulous are your imagined followers right down to the last one

24 hours they spend propping you up on your virtual throne

Just what is the reality of your situation

Right now you are all alone in a room typing on a computer chatting to someone who may as well be known as "who"

Just why does this fame matter so much when so little people care to type back as such

Yet go on do you living out each day in the same begotten way

Why want this internet fame? Why type on this machine? Why does it matter to you what certain people think? Why do you feel the urge to share your dreams?

Just give me fame or a simple answer you may demand

Just show me attention as I search for a crowd you may ask

I do not know what any of this means so I cannot help you I am afraid

I do not know why I feel the urge to scream at you this internet fame is not worth the time of day

So let me reflect yourself on you by offering you what I finally have to say in a rather contradictory way

Just do not forget me as I willingly forget you

Just give me attention as I think entirely lesser of you

Internet fame through whatever device

Is just waste of time but in many ways a default way to spend one's life

So on we go like a friend or foe typing for whatever point neither of us truly knows

Whatever happens I will see you someday

You will be just a number or text roaming around in cyberspace without any sense

In the same senseless way as I do so often in parallel to yours and mines internet fame seeking days

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