Passion Of The Ugly Stranger

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A passing stranger stops outside the castle of a lonely young princess who longs for her suitor. The stranger is an ugly and vile vampire but his motives are driven by infatuation and indescrible love for the princess who is heir to the royal throne.

Submitted: April 02, 2011

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Submitted: April 02, 2011



Passion of the Ugly Stranger Outside

The wolf has been at your door too long howling the same begotten song

Watching in the day from the shadows of the shade

Waiting in the night, as a companion of all the fright

Each ended month brings to the mountainside under the most whitest of moons a corrosion of howls from all the passion I have for you

You my sweet stand unknowingly in the dead of night enrapturing my veins as you by your grace sends reddness to my pride

When your gaze becomes strained and the boiling blood pollutes all reasonable thoughts to the soul

Your eyes sparkle as crystals as your body breathes with unquenched needs

Let my kisses be the rain drop to wash away all your desire

Do not be threatened because I live and will come in the night

This Passion I have had too long

Baby I know you do not love me

But I am binded by the incoming tide

Blnded and blinded to make you make you my eternal bride

I see you standing on your window ledge and calling out your longing song

But all the princes you call will fall to the viciousness of my jealous sword

Not one will ever have the passion I have for you

Not one of those suitors will ever celebrate nor drink with as much care as I will from you

They are all too dear those pretenders to the throne sitting beside you

Their standards of you will be less severe

Let me play you my song from a heart being drowned in pictures of you
Hear as my terrible cries pierce your soft velvet skin like thorns piercing the logs

Baby it is time for you to come with me

We've both spent too much time here

You in your castle clinging on to your white satin light

And me sleeping by the pier with the shadows of demons who taunt me you are not near

So as I kick in the lock of your castled protected state

Do not scream because your prince has finally come to take you from this place

Passion is be derided by those not in love

While passion is mistreated by those in love

But to me passion is all I have got until I sink my teeth into your lust

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