making exploit in the kingdom

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God has given us the ability for spiritual exploit in his vineyard but man is saddled with the responsibility to see the procedure to actualize the God- given entitleship, This book is gonna teach us step by step procedures to be a partaker of the God-given gifts.

Submitted: November 27, 2015

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Submitted: November 27, 2015



Making exploit In Leadership

O.j oluwaseun

Preface: This book is a wonderful book created on the conceptualization of contemporary series where we talk about immediate respond and reaction when it comes to the circle of leadership, in one way or the other everyone is a leader,why? because every point in time when an individual has the capability to control any other person's thought, orientation, beliefs, idealism,such a person is a leader, its natural.I want you to explore this great book and secure a life-changing ability to lead in your realm.

What is leadership? Chapter 1 Revelation 5 vs 12: \"worth is the lamb that was slain to receive power and riches, wisdom and strength and honour and glory\"

Believers are to understand that the potential needed to lead in every realm without reservation is a gift to all by God, its a virtue created and designated by God when he created us,the bible talks about jesus that he was \"slain to receive power riches,honour and glory\". 2 Timothy 1:9 Who hajuncti us,and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace,which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began And man talk about leadership not basically on the ability to teach a part-time and full-time student in a university, its not being a boss in a company, its not being a commander in chief in the home.leadership goes beyond that,until moses saw the glory at the burning bush,where there was a flame and the legumes were not consumed,its an extraordinary and super ordinary manifold of God's power he saw,and from that moment he became a different man that had earlier fled from pharaoh. moses saw the glory and became the glory before isreal,leadership is a great virtue that perfumes honour, brings glory,energises power and store riches.being a teacher doesn't give you riches when the spiritual application are not installed. Leadership is the ability to dominate,overcome and explore godlike purpose and plan for our life's.leadership is a virtue pre-installed in every man,before our lord Jesus Christ was to come to save the world,the bible says Rev 6 \"and I see a white horse,he that sat upon it had a bow and a crow and he went forth conquering and to conquer\".the bible says in Christ we are more than conquerors,its our birthright, leaders in the kingdom are overcomers and conquerors, men of exploit, men of visions, that's the unique being that makes them different because they know their bearing, they understand what they stand are already one now,apply this great talk am gonna have with you and explore your world in simplicity. Bible talks about you in Hebrew 2 vs 7-8 \"Thou madest him a little lower than the angels, thou crowdest him with glory and honour and didst set him over the works of thy hands,thou has put all things in subjection under his feet.for in that he put all in subjection under him,he left nothing that is not put under him............that's a complete leadership and dominio. God left nothing unturned for you not to dominate over here on earth,so why are you still in the base of the ladder when He has placed upon you to fly beyond the sky,why are you still a slave to money when you are design to be a master over it,if you are in this position,I do believe you are energising your faith to get out from financial, physical and philosophical slavery now.of course,I told you that leadership is a gift but being in the realm in it entirety needs principle, we are gonna look how great men of exploit lead ,dominate,overcome, became glorified,let's us see their approach and formulas that make them the celebrity we adore and adorn till today. Virtues for leadership Chapter 2 Divine recognition Restrict self limitations Right bearing Mingle with builders Divine recognition: Those who want to be overcomers and leaders in this present world must be certain of their spiritual identification, you must be sure of your calling and God's purpose for you.There should be a divine bridge that connect you with him before you can step out for a genuine leadership experiences,what makes a man divinely identified to his maker is salvation, salvation does it all john 1 vs12 says \"as many as him to them gave him power to become sons of God...... A biblical slogan says \"accept Jesus as your personal lord and saviour\",that's it.while salvation means receiving to become sons,and of course sons are not bastard,so it simply means receiving him to become recognized and identifiable as heirs in the kingdom.are u thinking this right now,how do I become saved,its pretty simple Romans 10 vs 10 says it all \"for with the heart man believeth unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation\".all you have to do is to do the heartfelt talking by believing(faith) and accepting(conviction)his lordship in you.say this by faith Father,today I accept you as my lord and the saviour of my life,I want you to be my lordship,I received you to dwell in me,teach me and direct my path because I believe my sins are forgiven.thank you jesus Now,you are a identity,a showpiece of his nature, a new and regenerated spirit is in you.this you have done, is a wonderful tool for your stardom in the kingdom. In the beginning, when man was created he had the power to dominate but later this power was seized what happened Genesis 1 vs 26.what happened? Adam broke the vile of recognition he had with his maker by yielding to sin,he broke the relationship point,and the consequence was that he was sent out from leading in the garden of if you are recognized by salvation,in a relationship with him maintain your stand on your calling,in which you have been of exploit cannot afford to do anything spectacular with their mental assent and feelings while interchangeably faith and God's word is needed.moses fell into this unconsciously, initially he wanted to lead with his own idealism but the backup became abortive but until he knew he needed to be recognized for confirmation, he had earlier struggled in his leading assignment and assessment to deliver isreal.leaders are to be a spiritual reinforcements and enforcement not a frame picture.Exodus 14, in the latter we could see that he became he equipped with leadership resources. leadership resources are available for you also when you are recognized by must be ascertained before setting out for a stardom in the kingdom,2 Peter 1:10\" Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure:for if ye do these things ye shall never fall\". Restrict self limitation: Believers are not to consecrate their mind on the feelings of self-incapabilities.having a great audacity on that potential you have got makes you a real leader rather than depreciating your value and virtues.God told Jeremiah go preach and tell the word of the lord to isreal but Jeremiah denounced the call,he gave an excuse\"ah lord !behold! I cannot speak,am a child\". But God knew he was a little child so also God knew you have got that potential, only use it he knows how to get the job don't have to underestimate your calling the bible says \"every calling is a high calling\",God is interested in that little you can do,moreover, He is the one that has design you to subdue and dominate territories and boundaries here on earth, so He is gonna be your backup in your quest to be great,1thessalonian 5vs24 \"faithful is he that calleth you and doeth the work\".He knows how to work the wonders in that profession,in that job,in that career,all you have to do is to trust in that inbuilt potential in you. A word says \"being a leader is the ability to lead oneself\"so also being a leader is the ability to recognize yourself has been wonderfully and fearfully made,a chosen to lead in this present world and world,leading is your birthright,you don't have to go with the principle of what people says words like \"I can't offer him such a big contract,is he really competent to be among the chosen?,your aka might be Mr nobody,are you moved ? You shouldn't.shouldn't You

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