The Gates

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Obsessions can kill

Submitted: October 12, 2008

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Submitted: October 12, 2008



Down the dirt road
From the path of my destruction
Into the gloomy fog
Towards my obbsession

Kicking up dust
Leaving it behind
Breaking clouds apart
Going to it in another form

Behind me is a blade
So ever sharp and thoughtful
In front of me is a bottle
The contents so blunt and hurtful

Behind me is the blood
The blade poured from my skin
In front of me is water in glass
To wash down the pills

Behind the bandages cover me
Hiding secrets so carefully
In front is a room so dark
No one will see the pills drop in my mouth

Behind is one thing
That hurt me so bad
In front is a second thing
That will hurt and end me for good

Down the dirt road
Ive reached my destination
The gates of hell not heaven
The place of hapiness for me

The result of my obbsession

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