The Middle is invisible

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The middle is invisible like her

Submitted: October 12, 2008

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Submitted: October 12, 2008



There she is with her pasted smile
Tears in her eyes
Sitting in her corner
Not saying a thing
She doesnt have to
Even if she did
Shed be invisible
Shes just there for you
Whenever you call
She talks to you
And catches you when you fall
But shes invisble
Just forget about her
No need to remember
She only helped you
Through those hard times
Made you smile when you were down
Still shes invisible
Forget about her
Her feelings dont matter
The razor is breaking the skin
The bullets piercing her brain
Her feet sway slowly
The noose around her neck
Tear drops form a puddle
Mixed with the blood
The blood from her wrists
THe blood from her neck
The blood from her eyes
Tears still form
Grasped in her hand
A note to them all
I love you is the end
The begining is a simple sorry
The middle is invisible
Like her
The middle is invisible
Like her

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