The Story Of Her

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The story of a loss

Submitted: October 13, 2008

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Submitted: October 13, 2008



The story of her

I couldn't explain her

Not even if i tried

She held everything so locked up tight

deep down inside

She wasn't lonely

Her friends often surrounded her

But she was herself only

And always spoke as if she wasn't sure

The way she held herself

And spoke to others

Keeping her thoughts high on a shelf

But her words were always her own never another's

Then came the day

She came across a lust

Maybe it is love in a way

But more of a trust

Everything she told her

Was a secret of its own

Things that are or were

Things she kept so deep they hit bone

Things she had never spoke

Things she swore shed never tell

Poured from her mouth

As if she was under a spell

Being the second to know

Secrets so wrong

Finally laid across a long plateau

Affects me still all day long

Being lower then a lust

She thought of as a deep love

Winning became a must

When push came to shove

In the end

I still couldn't explain her

Even as a lost friend

Now her and everything is a deep blur

A past

Never to be repeated

Something thought to last

Was so easily defeated

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