A Day at the Park *Written 6.4.10

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem about a lonely girl who improves a man's marriage, life, and the life of his daughter.

Submitted: September 17, 2010

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Submitted: September 17, 2010



Pig tails in her hair, a dress with floral print,

Sees her daddy, runs at a sprint.

Into his arms, he whispers 'I love you,'

In a cute little voice she replies 'Daddy, I love you too.'

He takes her to the slides, helps her up the ladder,

She's so happy in this moment, nothing else could matter.

Daddy's smiling. he's just so proud,

She's five years old already, giggling loud.

A few feet away, I sit on the swing,

Watching the sight, pretending my eyes don't sting.

Holding my phone, wondering if I'll get a call,

Looking at the ground now, wondering why I care at all.

Tears trickle down, but I wipe them away,

It's not like it really matters anyway.

The little girl walks over, looks at me,

Says, 'Why are you crying? Can you smile so I can see?'

I force a smile, she asks for a hug,

Hesitation, then I hold her in my arms nice and snug.

Her dad comes over, says 'Is everything alright?'

I can't even answer, just hold his daughter tight.

Slowly, I let go and look him in the eyes,

'Sir, I hope you're never the reason your daughter cries.

Take this as a lesson, a girl needs her dad,

Or she'll end up like me, she'll be nothing but sad.

See ten years ago, I was just her age,

They say life is like a book, but someone ripped out a page.

Replaced with beer, and a divorce I wish to forget,

Sir, I don't mean to interfere, but I don't want to leave with regret.

So I'm telling you this, but I'm not sure why,

Please, don't be the reason your daughter wants to die.'

The man looks at his daughter, his eyes full of tears,

Biting my lip, I see his face display my fears.

The man says, 'I'm sorry, I guess I never knew,

That a man could be so heartless not to fight for you.

I know I don't know the facts, and probably never will,

But the words you just spoke, they gave me a chill.

I had a problem a year ago, I made a bad friend,

A month ago, my wife wanted our marriage to end.

She's getting a lawyer now, it's my day with our child,

And until now, I thought the consequence was mild.'

He pauses as if to take it all into his mind,

Suddenly it seems the right words were his to find.

'But I hear your story, I know somehow,

That I've got to change, and I've got to change now.

I'll call my wife now, maybe it's not too late,

To save our marriage, change our fate.

I can't lose my daughter, I won't bring that pain,

Now you'd better get home, it looks like rain.

But thank you for your words, your tears made me strong,

And I know now what I did was wrong.

I'll fix it now,  I'll take my daughter and go,

I owe you much more than you'll ever know.'

'Sir, right now, I'm your biggest fan,

You took my words, and you understood.

You did something my father never could.

Please, don't repay me, this is all I need,

I truely hope you fix it, and that your marriage will succeed.

I ask but one favor, in your daughter's honor,

Please don't hurt her mother, and watch over her.'

I hug his daughter again, he thanks me one last time,

The little girls whispers in my ear, 'Crying isn't a crime.

It's okay, I think I know how you feel,

See if what you said is true, I know your hurt is real.

Daddy has a problem, he even sleeps with a beer can,

Thank you, I know you've made Daddy a better man.

Someday I'll repay you, but until than could you smile?

It seems like you haven't done it in a while.

I smile for the girl, she smiles back,

Her and her father leave, the sky's getting black.

I smile to myself, and know I've made her life better,

So I walk home to write my final letter.

© Copyright 2020 Mickey Mental. All rights reserved.

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