How the Pineapple Saved Christmas

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The pineapples journey awaits your eyes to become a unicorn then die. Go ahead and try to read it.

Submitted: October 25, 2014

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Submitted: October 25, 2014



One day, a young centipede named John Pinkerton asked a pineapple if he could go lick a door-knob.  The pineapple said no then he kicked John Pinkerton and John Pinkerton went terminal velocity into space and was never seen again.  A legend says that if you check with your doctor to see if you have a mental disability, then you will become your own uncle.  Then the pineapple went back into his crab shack on an iceberg in the middle of death valley.  Then the pineapple said, "I'm going to poop now", then he exploded and died.

Two months later, his friend Jerry came.  Jerry said, "AHAHAHHHIIIEEEEEIHEIHFHEHIEHEIHEHFHALHJFHAGLFHGLFHBLHAJLGIOREGDFJGERAGRIOGHAREGHJFHABJAFDHBJGHJDFGHJKREG OH, OH ,OH OH OH OH, OH OOH WO OWH OWO WO OW LJHAGJHGAahhhhhhhHAGHADHGAGHAGHAHGHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH potato".  The pineapple didn't respond.  Instead, his ear were bleeding.  The pineapple grabbed his pineapple and ate it.  Then he peed out a shotgun and killed Jerry.  Jerry's spirit came out of him and then wanted to go do his taxes.  So then he went to Russia and went into a coma.

This did not happen once but happend customarly.  The Humpback Whale weighs and average of 36,000 kilograms.  The pineapple was not a fond of Christmas, though he liked to put a sock on his head and flush himself down into a toliet.  When people say to the pineapple, "What are you getting for Christmas?", he usually responds with, "Bah!    ", "Humpbackwhale Bug!".  And also Marely was dead as a door-nail.  If you have gotten this far into the story, you are a very thoughtful and daring person.  Here are some questions that you should ask as you keep reading.  Why do I keep reading this?  What is the point of this?  Whoever made this should be slapped in the mouth and never be aloud to type again.  If you ask any of these questions, go see a therapist that specializes in spanking penguin's rear-ends.  Jonas does not get released at the end.  Nobody really liked the pineapple at all much.  An explanation of why?  Usually when it is Saturday, October 25, at 4:50: 45 a kitten yells into a closet.  The kitten would then step into the closet, then it would think about coming out of the closet.  Bu-Dun Tiss.

Let's look into the pineapple's history.  Like when he was a 6th Grader in P.E.  Ok so in P.E, people are playing frisbee.  The pineapple walks up to the people playing frisbee and people wants him to play.  The pineapple says, "I've never thrown a frisbee in my life!".  The pineapple was weak.  He could barely toss a history book!  If you put a similie in a story for a grade, chances are you might get a better grade.  Then the people playing frisbee said, "Don't worry, you can practice here right now".  The pineapple picked up the frisbee.  The pineapple, being very nervous with butterflies in his stomach, began to pull his arm back.  He started to come foward with his arm.  His arm kept going foward and foward until FINALLY, as soon as he stopped, he let go of the frisbee.  The frisbee flew high in the sky going straight very fast.  Everyone cheered for the pineapple and the pineapple felt like this was the greatest day of his life!  But then all of a sudden, a plane was flying over the school.  The frisbee got sucked into the plane's engine.  The plane started smoking like someone dusting a chimney.  The plane started falling with a whizzing noise.  It's headed straight for the school.  Everyone outside in P.E is screaming and panicking.  Then the plane hits into the school and a large explosion that was 100 feet tall could be seen and fire was everywhere on the school.  Then the pineapple could not bear what disaster he had caused.  He ran away crying for the rest of his life until he found a home, far away from public.

Plot-Twist.  The pineapple's mother was a pinetree, and the pineapple's father is an apple.  The pineapple said, "Don't let go of the promise!".  Then he died.  But it only seemed as it was an echo.

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