Broken Family

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Strife, Neglect, Turmoil

Submitted: June 16, 2008

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Submitted: June 16, 2008



At dawn, before day sheds her light
Father staggers into the house
He has been drinking all night
He beats and yells, mother is a louse
And puts her to sleep, never to rouse
Mine, is a broken family….
Mother was beautiful
Once was
She followed steps as delightful
As plucking down the stars
Orphaned we were, with many fathers
Mine, is a broken family….
Sister has become a child’s toy
With which for a chance to play with
Every old man has become a boy
Evenhounds without teeth
She has made vicious, they seethe
Mine, is a broken family….
As for brother, he is invisible
A ghost in his own home
His friends and heare indivisible
To him life’s face is handsome
From clouds; peaks and soaring highs
Mine, is a broken family....
As for me
I am like the wind’s movement
Aimless, with nothing else to be
Like a meaningless statement
I am the lone fragment
Of a broken family....

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Broken Family

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