Take me to Wonderland

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Submitted: December 05, 2013

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Submitted: December 05, 2013



Once upon a time, on a far, far away land, where bad things didn't happen to your daughter or to your best friend, but to strangers, lived a girl, very different from the rest. For starters, her eyes didn't light up when she laughed. Her smile didn't quite reach her eyes, and her soul was too long gone for her to retrieve it. Each day, she woke up, eyes red from crying herself to sleep last night, heart raw from the pain she felt last night, when she brought back those painful memories. And, each day she woke up, putting her mask of perfection, painted her heart the color of stone, disguising it while she could. Anyway, people didn't look that hard at her; they would never know what was under her mask. Nobody knew her everyday stuggle. After the tragedy, everybody blamed themselves for not noticing the signs splashed all over her body. Her scarred wrists, her frail figure, her smile that quite didn't reach her eyes. And that boy, oh, that special boy! He cursed himself every night for not telling her his real feelings, for not noticing her bloodshot eyes each morning at school; bloodshot because she cried herself to sleep each night. They couldn't understand why she committed suicide, but he did. He knew she couldn't love herself, and still, he did nothing. 

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