beauty and me

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Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012



a journey a girl took to find herself

one a i found my self to wake up i looked in the mirror i saw i change i my face bumps and pimples and a scream found my sister found from me came in my sister make me feel ulgy cause she prettier than me she says "youre beautiful you should know that"i say ok like if i belive it i moped as if i knew i was goina die tommorrow i was not but l still felt bad. i went to school the guy find me beautiful but i don`t findme beautiful i dont like school girl think im cool but me life sucks my friend all expet one named jada. i know waht youre thinking poor girl her like life isperfect whats possably wrong well ill tell you my brother got a huge party my siters going to get a huge party to well im not i getting a small party at the mall not very upsetbecause my friends named !!!!!! (not say names) sayed she was goina give me 2 gifts one she used and say she taken it back and one i know shes not goina get me until last mintuemy other one i dont even onow if were friends anymore cause we dont talk. also i dont feel likemy life is right i wish i did ut i dont the only thing keepin me goin is a poam i found and saying the poem

dreamer from a distat land i have come to you woth open arms

dont be alarm for my heart is youres

my soul i one of thousands of peace and sound

all around the town of love

dreamer from a ditsant land take my hand an we

will dream together

the sayinglove is a cycle

first you you love then you hurt

then you hate then you love again

beautiful arent they also upset cause i love a nerd(that every one hates ) but i really like himi just hope i didnt screw it up cause i refused to talk to himi really hope didnt i dont it because i done this before with a dude name was randy. i messed up when one day he was nice to me but he thought he was bein a gentle man but then he asked me to carry hes bags i was furous but i realise every one get mad right so i was goina aplogise but then he was gone they said he moved i was horrfied but i got over it .know im goina make things right im goina get my man no matter what it takes. the next day he...

to be continues

if you wana here more add comment

then ill add the rest

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