blood is thicker then water

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Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012



there once was a man and a girl the man was her father hes name was jeff the girl name was hope they went out for ice cream but came hope to the muder of the girls mom and her 12 month baby brother the girl was only 5 so she didnt know what was going on:

(the girl)hope: mommy mommy wakeup ! daddy (she said in tears) why wont mommy wake up

geff:your momther dead sweetheart shes not wakeing and is you little brother

later on her fahter called he police after he got him self toghther they said after scopping the crime sence they could any evedice but ther said theyd try ther best 7 years went bye and they still didnt find anything so they gave up on the case.but it wasnt enough because while that was going on they man and the girl where resiving treats

phone (ring ring)

geff: hello

man: i come after you where goina get you abd when we do where goina kill your daughter in front of you

the man hungup for the first time in his he was terffied

the man geff: sobbing) why why

hope: dad its goina be ok

geff yeah cause your giong in to hideing and im goina face this

hope: no dad im comeing with you

geff :no hope im going alone

hope no no alone i wont let you go

geff no hope im going alnoe now go pack

hope fustrited stomp to her room to pack then she though

hope: if he wont me go then ill just follow him

happy with herself she paked some radom clothes a picture her mom and brother and went off to the hideing place

geff: staylhere hope

hope petend to be mad

hope: fine

her dad used her cell phone to ask the man where to meet him

man 1717 drive

the abanden warehouse

geff fine ill bether

hope let her dad get a small lead then let the hideing place with only the picture of her mom she hid in back seat of the dads car then hpoed put after her dad went insdie

the man : i see you could make it i hope you dont mind i brought some friend so of mine

geff : you didnt say that

man you didnt ask

geff why are you donig this

man just for my amusement i like to see you suffter

geff ill kill you

man ken go grab geff

ken go geff succured

hope burst open the door

hope :let him go

man gejl get the girl we told what were gona do and im a man of my word

hope dad what he talking about

geff hpoe i told you not to follow me

hope dad what going on

there goina kill us you first

hope: (kicking screaming and crying) let me go let me g

(bang) geff was knocked out w=he woke up injred and

screaming hope hope he hit the rebuse on top of him

a body came down faceing her in was hope he huged her

he felt something wet on hes shirt ,blood hope was dead he wanted to die but so he died but of thirts and hunger

a cop came after every one was dead the crokes suffered the electric chair then the cops just dumped the bodys and left and no one ever knew

but the body were all in a lake so there was blood the water was red so

this proved to scientist blood is thinker than water

the end

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