Moonlit Innocence

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When the night awakens and the sun goes to sleep, innocence is lost when those that are passed come back

Submitted: June 03, 2014

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Submitted: June 03, 2014



A silver dawn, an awakening 
All beings of twilight come to full fruition
The night is calm and quiet as all others sleep in their homes, in their beds under such warm blankets, unaware
Rays of light stretch to the ground, like long tendrils snaking their way into every crevice possible
In this light innocence is lost as blood is spilled.

One small cry escapes past the lips of a child
The scream is meant to be heard, to cause a false sense of alarm
There is no harm, it's quite alright
It's just the sound of a newly born undead trying to lure an unfortunate
The child sits outside of a dark home, waiting for someone to hear its cries

A light comes on, someone heard the cry and is now outside
It's a shame really, the person had a full life ahead of them
Life that would have been well spent and enjoyed
Pity, they'd have been a learned person
But now as they hold the child undead in their arms all of that just vanished in dissipated smoke

The act happens so fast, so skillfully, so artistically
Crimson spatters onto gracefull vines that hug the arms of the trees 
The person goes down without a sound, already passed before touching the ground
In the childs hand, a shining blade
The persons throat being cut cleanly

The next morning the body is found, drained and dry
Skin so white, it could be said they looked like they saw a ghost 
The next week they were buried peacefully
It's sad though, that the previous week they buried one of their own flesh and blood
And that the grave beside them is that flesh and blood of theirs,but its empty and void of a corpse

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